marketing: Single Property Web Sites with a Virtual Tour - 03/23/08 02:05 AM
Here is a nifty way to market a listing: use a single property web site.
It's easy! And cost effective, too!
Buy a domain name, like, and point the domain to your virtual tour. Here is a good example:
Now, in any advertisement, include the Web site. All the information the prospective homebuyer needs is on your virtual tour. This is a great way to promote the listing and yourself!
Tip: you might want to try the .info domain -- they are even cheaper than the .com's!

marketing: Even More No-No Photos - 03/04/08 12:19 AM
Here are two more No-No Photos:
Both of today's examples depict bowing walls...
Is it just me, or are those walls leaning out?
When I look at the stove, it looks like it is rolling into the left wall. In fact, the whole home looks like it is leaning left, until I look at the refrigerator, which looks like it is leaning right...
These are two more good exampls of No-No photos -- and how NOT to market a property with bad digital images.

marketing: Reason #2 - Why Virtual Tours Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Effort - 03/03/08 01:40 AM
Virtual tours cost less than print advertising.
Consider these three print options:
10-day classified advertising in local newspaper
Weekend display adAd in local real estate magazineWhat are your costs for each?Now consider a virtual tour cost - which will probably be from $80 to $135. How does the cost of print advertising compare to the cost of creating a virtual tour? 
The cost of creating a virtual tour and placing on your web site is just less than print - or certainly competitive.

marketing: Tour Disc - a Better Marketing Tool - 02/28/08 02:35 AM
Tour Discs are a unique marketing tool that is the perfect upgrade to your Virtual Tours! Give your clients something they will remember. Available on CD or DVD, now creates a custom disc of your virtual tour with a slideshow for distribution. Tour Discs are great for sales centers, open houses, investor opportunities, and much more.
Leave your customers remembering what you have to offer by handing them out as a keepsake for your client and even as a business card!

marketing: How Green Am I? - 02/10/08 11:10 PM
"It ain't easy being green," at least that is what Kermit the Frog says.
Well, I got thinking that maybe it is easier than Kermit lets on. Being a virtual tour builder here in Lancaster, PA, I realize that I am a "green" business.
Web site visitors that take my virtual tours are being green -- instead of burning gas and driving to numerous homes, they are avoiding unnecessary trips. Taking virtual tours is quite green.
So how do I market "green" to real estate agents? Isn't it a good thing that virtual tours are really green? What's the best way to … (6 comments)

marketing: Stats Reports Helps Agents Make Wise Marketing Investments - 01/28/08 04:40 AM
So you decided that you do want to market your listings faster, smarter, cheaper, better... how do you know where your Internet traffic is coming from? Where does it make sense to market your listings? Do those free web sites (like Craigslist) really work.
You can tell with good web traffic reporting. My virtual tours that I build offer this solution. Here are the details:
Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting: Hit statistic reports show not only where virtual tour views are coming from but they also display which scenes from within the 360 tours are being viewed the most. The new hit reporting … (0 comments)

marketing: Remote Hosted Virtual Tours - 12/16/07 10:22 PM
There is something called a remote hosted virtual tour. It sounds worse than it is, and it important to know that it can be done.
Suppose you want to have the virtual tour embedded on your own web site -- and not run in a pop-up window. The solution to this design issue is to ask for a remote hosted tour. The tour will run on your server. As a web page is loaded, the virtual tour executes.
For most real estate agents, they will not want this type of tour. The reason is simple: it takes a good web designer with some programming … (4 comments)

marketing: Looking for Suggestions on How to Build a Community Web Site - 12/06/07 10:18 PM
Has anybody built a community-based web site? Do you have any tips?
I am not looking for the technical information - not which program to use or HTML help. Rather, I am looking for suggestions on what to include in a county-wide or community web site. This is not my primary web site, but rather one that will be used to tell the world about the area. My "spin" to this is include virtual tours as part of the information-packed web site. I'd like the site to be good enough so an agent could use it to help out-of-area people to … (8 comments)

marketing: Real Estate Blogs are Booming! - 12/02/07 03:24 AM
There is an interesting articles in today's Philadelphia Inquirer about real estate blogs.
Blogs have several advantages over traditional Web sites, according to Paul Chaney, who with Richard Nacht of Princeton's Blogging Systems published the book Realty Blogging in November 2006.
"Blogs provide an inexpensive and fast way to begin building an online audience," Chaney said. "[They] are all about opening up your knowledge, expertise, processes and goals to your customers."
Yes, ActiveRain is mentioned!
Check out the article here:

marketing: 10 Must-Haves for Your Real Estate Web Site - 11/30/07 05:04 AM
Here is an interesting article posted on RISMEDIA. I am going to quote one section that I think quite important the readers of my blog:
4. Provide compelling and relevant visual content.Prospective buyers want the most visual content they can get their hands on: multiple still photos, panoramic 360-degree views, virtual tours and video. Most recent reports and association studies have proven beyond a doubt that the more pictures an agent puts into a listing, the more traffic and views that property will generate - which translates to more and better leads. In general, a property with six or more pictures will … (1 comments)

marketing: Newspapers Dwindle, but This Means Opportunity for Agents - 11/16/07 10:55 AM
The dwindling importance of newspapers is another trend that is contributing to the increasing professionally created virtual tours to market real estate. Former newspaper readers are moving to a more photo friendly medium (the world wide web) with less limited space for photos as compared to traditional print advertisements. The opportunity to emerge as a local leader in marketing properties with virtual tours has never been better for active real estate agents.
According to the New York Times, "THE circulation declines of American newspapers continued over the spring and summer, as sales across the industry fell almost 3 percent compared with … (1 comments)

marketing: Virtual Tours Rent Properties Fast - 11/16/07 10:41 AM
I just picked this interesting comment off another website:
Not only do we get a tenant quickly with craigslist but the tenant usually calls to reserve the rental over the phone without asking to see the home because after seeing my full screen 360 tour they feel they can make their decision. I think this kind of thing is happening all over the real estate industry daily but it's more difficult to show that photography is the key factor in attracting buyers because you can't re-sell the same home without photography to see the effect. With our rental we have been … (4 comments)

marketing: With Rising Fuel Costs, You Can't Afford Not to Use Virtual Tours - 11/14/07 06:38 AM
Can you afford my virtual tour service?
I was talking to an agent today about it. She has a nice listing -- $225K -- that's about 15 miles from her office. We were discussing the trips - and how my brochure service on the virtual tour (which costs nothing additional) - could save her money. She was complaining about the trips to refill the info box - and how much gas is costing.
Let's do the math:
Here are the assumptions:
Your vehicle gets 15 miles per gallon.The listing is 15 miles from your office or your home (requires two gallons of gas)Gas is … (0 comments)

marketing: Where Virtual Tours Should be posted on the web - 11/12/07 08:54 AM
In chatting with a local broker today, I realized that he did not know where or how to broadcast his virtual tours. He is using a "competitior" and the while the office is creating virtual tours, they are not posting them to other websites.
A virtual tour, after being created, should be broadcast to lots of other websites. With my service, I am hitting dozens of other sites -- within minutes of making a tour go live. That usually happens within 24 hours of photographing the home site.
Here's part of the brochure I sent over to the broker:
My guess is … (0 comments)

marketing: Comparing Virtual Tour Costs vs. Traditional Marketing - 11/08/07 11:48 PM
Here's the latest marketing piece I have available about my virtual tour business:
Seems to me that most agents like comparisons (maybe because of the comps?) so I decided to use this layout for my agent prospects to use.
Virtual tours last 365 days ... how long does a classified ad last?
Plus there are many add-on's, such as audio, narration, PanoRiders, interactive floor plans....
I'll let you know how this flyer works -- I am scheduled to do some office presentations over the coming weeks.

marketing: New Marketing Materials Just Take Time - 11/07/07 12:10 PM
I have been busy working on new marketing materials. This just takes time. Maybe it's a good thing the Eagles aren't doing that well this year. A little less TV time means I have a little more computer time.
Here's one of the brochure that I am ready to distribute, to marketing my virtual tours business.
If you want to see the full size version in pdf, you can download it from my website here:
I decided to use this marketing piece after I heard from an agent that has been trying to get a virtual tour to work for the past … (6 comments)

marketing: I Really Didn't Expect to be Posting Any More No-No Photos - 11/04/07 05:00 AM
Just when I thought it was over - that I'd be moving on to other things - and stopping the no-no photos, what shows up in my e-mail?
You guessed it.
Another great no-no photo.
So I have to post it.
I love the towels hanging on the sink and the stove.
And the refrigerator!

marketing: A New Logo for My Virtual Tour Company - 11/04/07 02:28 AM
I finally have a new logo for my virtual tours company. Here it is:
it is certainly much different than my original "shaken house" design.
It will take some time to get this updated across my marketing materials -- from my web site to my handouts -- which include door hangers, flyers, price lists, order forms, and so much more. But I think it will be wiorth it. I like it a lot better.

marketing: Now to Create Yes-Yes Photos for Agents - 11/02/07 04:55 AM
First, I admit this is just an attempt to meet more agents, make a positive impression, and to help them a bit -- so when they need a virtual tour, they'll think of me.
I am going to offer a business portrait service - 100% guarantee satisfaction -- for those agents that want an updated photo for their cards, brochures, flyers, web site, etc.
I have arrangements to do this at two local malls (and will be doing so later this month). I am going to offer:
No sitting feesAn 8x10Image on a CDNo copyright restriction (unlimited use/reproduction)Of course, it will be … (9 comments)

marketing: Yet Another Batch of the No-No Photos - 11/02/07 03:22 AM
Here is yet another batch of the no-no photos -- you know, photos being used to market a property ... that should be used:
Well, I AM glad this place has a stairs... but does it look like that brick wall is leaning?
A lovely stove in the corner, but should this be the only kitchen shot? I don't think so. Doesn't the kitchen include a sink?
This is going to sell the bathroom? What? No toilet or bathtub? 
Another picture of stairs. So? Why would I want to see this instead of the room where the stairs are located?
I have no idea what this … (9 comments)

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