photography: The Do It Yourself Virtual Tour -- Gone Bad - 03/22/08 11:01 PM
Sometimes, real estate agents just want to do the virtual tours all by themself. They don't want (or think they need) a professional photographer or tour builder. Maybe it's the economics. But here is proof that you get what you pay for: this is what happens with the Do It Yourself Virtual Tour -- and how things can go bad.
Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and take this tour. You won't believe it!

photography: Even More No-No Photos - 03/04/08 12:19 AM
Here are two more No-No Photos:
Both of today's examples depict bowing walls...
Is it just me, or are those walls leaning out?
When I look at the stove, it looks like it is rolling into the left wall. In fact, the whole home looks like it is leaning left, until I look at the refrigerator, which looks like it is leaning right...
These are two more good exampls of No-No photos -- and how NOT to market a property with bad digital images.

photography: George Sheldon Photography - New Web Site - 02/10/08 07:58 AM
I launched another new web site. Annoucing: 
It took a little bit of time to get this one built. It features my portrait and wedding photography -- my other site, remains active and is dedicated to real estate photography and virtual tours. remains active, and is now used for my editorial work (books, primarily).
It's a maze, I suppose, but it seems to make my photography services easier to find.

photography: Remote Hosted Virtual Tours - 12/16/07 10:22 PM
There is something called a remote hosted virtual tour. It sounds worse than it is, and it important to know that it can be done.
Suppose you want to have the virtual tour embedded on your own web site -- and not run in a pop-up window. The solution to this design issue is to ask for a remote hosted tour. The tour will run on your server. As a web page is loaded, the virtual tour executes.
For most real estate agents, they will not want this type of tour. The reason is simple: it takes a good web designer with some programming … (4 comments)

photography: More No-No Photos on a Special Blog - 11/16/07 11:49 AM
For those that have been following my blog, you know I have been posting some bad real estate photographs here. I called them "no-no" photos -- all because they were bad and should not have been used to market any property.
Well, I just learned of the REAgent in Connecticut blog. It's here at:
Operated by Athol Kay Photography, this blog has some more great no-no photos for your amusement!

photography: Adobe Release Lightroom Upgrade Version 1.3 - 11/16/07 10:32 AM
Adobe has quietly released an upgrade version to Lightroom. This is one of my favorite programs, available for both Windows and Mac computers.
The Lightroom 1.3 and Camera Raw 4.3 updates have been posted to the following locations: Lightroom(Mac, Win), Camera Raw(Mac, Win).  The updates include support for the following new camera models:
Canon           EOS 1Ds Mark IIICanon           PowerShot G9Nikon           D3Nikon           D300Olympus       E-3Olympus       SP-560 UZPanasonic     DMC-L10
Lightroom 1.3 also provides improved support for the OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system.  
Lightroom is a fantastic program to help with the electronic workflow. Highly recommended!

photography: I Really Didn't Expect to be Posting Any More No-No Photos - 11/04/07 05:00 AM
Just when I thought it was over - that I'd be moving on to other things - and stopping the no-no photos, what shows up in my e-mail?
You guessed it.
Another great no-no photo.
So I have to post it.
I love the towels hanging on the sink and the stove.
And the refrigerator!

photography: A New Logo for My Virtual Tour Company - 11/04/07 02:28 AM
I finally have a new logo for my virtual tours company. Here it is:
it is certainly much different than my original "shaken house" design.
It will take some time to get this updated across my marketing materials -- from my web site to my handouts -- which include door hangers, flyers, price lists, order forms, and so much more. But I think it will be wiorth it. I like it a lot better.

photography: Yet Another Batch of the No-No Photos - 11/02/07 03:22 AM
Here is yet another batch of the no-no photos -- you know, photos being used to market a property ... that should be used:
Well, I AM glad this place has a stairs... but does it look like that brick wall is leaning?
A lovely stove in the corner, but should this be the only kitchen shot? I don't think so. Doesn't the kitchen include a sink?
This is going to sell the bathroom? What? No toilet or bathtub? 
Another picture of stairs. So? Why would I want to see this instead of the room where the stairs are located?
I have no idea what this … (9 comments)

photography: Should I Start a Virtual Tour Trade In/Up Program? - 10/29/07 06:18 AM
So I have been toying with this idea:
Should I offer agents a chance to trade in (or trade up) to a better virtual tour technology? It seems that so many local agents are buying into that $199 purchase and for $30 a month service, they have a do-it-yourself program. Of course, they get their dark or blurred photos, no hot spots, no interactive floor plans, no panoriders, doing all the work, and so on. It tells me they really do want to use virtual tours.
So if only the cost - and the quality doesn't count - then I am thinking … (2 comments)

photography: Never Fill Another Info-to-Go Box Again - 10/29/07 05:50 AM
I was sitting here working on my company's flyer about the PanoRider and it hit me: agents will no longer need to ever fill (or use) an Info-to-Go Box again.  
If you don't know what a PanoRider is, check here:
With the PanoRider program, there is no reason to have those brochure boxes or tubes on a property. No more wet papers. No more running out to stuff 20 more in the box. And there are a lot more information the virtual tour than is on the flyer.
Ok, want a flyer. No problem. When somone wants more information about the … (1 comments)

photography: Snag More Listings with a Better Sign Rider Promoting Virtual Tours - 10/26/07 01:27 PM
It was an interesting telephone conversation this afternoon.
"So what do I do with the PanoRider after the property has sold?" the agent asked.
Keep one in your car, at home, or in the office." I said.
"There is nothing as impressive as a PanoRider in person," I said. "Just think of the impact this sign will have on your next listing appointment."
I paused, then I added, "Think of the effect it will have when you put this down on the kitchen table for your prospective sellers to see. Are the other realtor's they are interviewing going to offer something like this?"
There was … (5 comments)

photography: Yes, Here is Another Batch of No-No Photos! - 10/26/07 01:34 AM
It's the time again ... here comes some more no-no photos. These are some of my selections of photos that should not be used to market homes. The idea of nominating photos as no-no's is to help develop a critical eye and to edit images. Although this batch makes it easy to see why they are no-no's, hopefully they will continue to offer ideas of what NOT to do. Here we go:
Wow. What a marketing photo. I wonder if this property has a roof? Why bother driving out to the property during DAYLIGHT to get a photo when you can create … (17 comments)

photography: A No-No Shot from a Virtual Tour - 10/25/07 03:25 AM
Not a batch of No-No shots, but just one this time. I just received this one in my e-mail. It is from a virtual tour, which caught my attention.
Well, is it just me or do those walls look a bit bowed? Talk about distortion.
Some agents revert to the do it yourself virtual tour kits. When they do, this is what they get. I am actually thinking of starting a "trade-in" program where agents that are using those do it yourself kits can trade them in for my tours. I guarantee you'll never see these kinds of walls in my … (8 comments)

photography: Wait until you see this batch of No-No Marketing Photos - 10/21/07 08:49 AM
From my perch here in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, in good old Lancaster County, the 4th county to be added to the Commonwealth, it's my pleasure to present another batch of No-No photos to the Active Rain community.... so without further delay, here they are:
Wow... I love it when the toilet seat is up in marketing photos. What a nice set of towels too!
Do I even need to comment on this photo? I wonder if the camera even has a flash.
Is it just me, or do you get a feeling this property is sinking to the right?
Very nice … (28 comments)

photography: Another Photo with the Virtual Tour Sign Rider - 10/19/07 04:05 AM
Direct from my brochure, here is another photo of our sign rider. I think it really does make a for sale sign stand out.
Add a little "pizazz" or "bling" to your sign with a head-turning PanoRider
PanoRiders are our latest product. These signs are becoming VERY popular with our customers across North America.

photography: Panoramas for Virtual Tours - 10/19/07 03:36 AM

I am now offering panorama sign riders for my agent clients. I think they make a great addition to the virtual tour packages. Not only does the sign rider include a photo, but it can also include a web address. When someone goes to the web site, POOF! Virtual tour AND contact information to the listing agent. Talk about becoming a master marketer -- and impressing home sellers during listing presentations...!  I am sure my clients will like this competitive advantage.

photography: Ut - oh, another no-no! - 10/18/07 05:46 AM
Just spotted these marketing photos. I couldn't wait to post them here!
Does this person come with the property? Or should I file this one under "I was in too much a hurry to ask the person to step aside while I snapped a picture"?  
A lovely lawn torch. Not sure if it is part of the sale, or not.  

photography: Can an English Manor Accent Help a Virtual Tour? - 10/18/07 05:23 AM
My voice over artist says she thinks an English Manor accent on a virtual tour can help real estate agents sell a property. She says it makes the marketing unique and powerful. I tend to agree.
I certainly don't mind adding this type of audio to my virtual tours. But it's really a matter of what my clients want.
So what do you think? Does this make sense to include the English Manor accent. Here is the sample:
If that link doesn't work, here it is on my website:
Please let me know what you think of this professional audio narration style. THANKS! … (1 comments)

photography: First Look - Hot Spots & Floor Plans - 10/16/07 02:27 AM
Here your first look at new technology I am deploying and making available to my clients:
Check it out! Hot spots integrated into floor plans with photos, spins, panoramas. What do you think?
I am going to be offering free demonstrations of this at local real estate offices for the agents at their sales meetings. Any comments on what else they might like to see during the 10 minute presentation?

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