virtual tour: Even More No-No Photos - 03/04/08 12:19 AM
Here are two more No-No Photos:
Both of today's examples depict bowing walls...
Is it just me, or are those walls leaning out?
When I look at the stove, it looks like it is rolling into the left wall. In fact, the whole home looks like it is leaning left, until I look at the refrigerator, which looks like it is leaning right...
These are two more good exampls of No-No photos -- and how NOT to market a property with bad digital images.

virtual tour: Reason #2 - Why Virtual Tours Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Effort - 03/03/08 01:40 AM
Virtual tours cost less than print advertising.
Consider these three print options:
10-day classified advertising in local newspaper
Weekend display adAd in local real estate magazineWhat are your costs for each?Now consider a virtual tour cost - which will probably be from $80 to $135. How does the cost of print advertising compare to the cost of creating a virtual tour? 
The cost of creating a virtual tour and placing on your web site is just less than print - or certainly competitive.

virtual tour: How Post-It Notes Can Help Real Estate Photography - 10/04/07 11:29 PM
Here is some sweet advice for listing agents: use Post-It notes. Not to write notes, but to stick on all those things you want your client to remove from a room prior to the professional photography session.
The goal is to remove clutter, of course.
Say something like, "I know this is how you live normally, but you can't live like this for the pictures." Be sure to tell your client that the focus of the marketing photos and the virtual tour are on the beauty of the property and its features, not on the things that are in it.
Use … (8 comments)

virtual tour: Home Buyers Respond to Internet Listings - 09/23/07 12:48 AM
Here is a piece of important information about Internet markrting:
Last year, home buyers used the Internet to help shop for their new residence. The numbers are astounding:
Actions taken as result of using Internet site: Drove by/viewed a home - 74%Walked through a home viewed online - 61%Found agent used to search/buy home - 23%
Source: 2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
The Internet should be part of an agent's marketing plan -- not just to sell properties, but also to market the agent. It seems pretty clear that when 3 out of 4 people that bought homes … (6 comments)

virtual tour: Interiors Look Better with Furniture - 09/22/07 01:58 AM
Here is a great example of a before and after shot:
There is nothing wrong with the first picture (perhaps the lighting/balance could/should be enhanced). But the second shot -- staged for the photo -- adds interest.
If you want good photography to market your listing, you really do need to have a better looking room.

virtual tour: Resale Home Inventory Soars to 9.6 Months - Agents Must Market Effectively - 08/30/07 11:17 AM
NAR: Sales slip 9% year-over-year in July
From Inman Real Estate News: Monday, August 27, 2007
"The inventory of resale homes jumped to 9.6 months in July, as the sales rate for that month dropped 9 percent compared to the same month last year, the National Association of Realtors reported today.
A for-sale inventory greater than six months is generally considered to indicate a buyer's market -- this statistic indicates the length of time it will take to deplete the for-sale inventory at the current sales pace. The existing-home inventory has climbed 31.5 percent since July 2006, when there was a 7.3-month supply.
The inventory … (1 comments)

virtual tour: Squeeze More Marketing Value from Your Virtual Tour - 08/30/07 10:30 AM
Here is a simple and easy trick to squeeze more marketing power from those virtual tours:
Create your own voiceover.
By describing your listing in your own voice, you are helping the prospective buyer "get to know you" and the property. The goal is to sell the property -- and part of that is to market yourself, too.
Virtual tours almost always have music these days (if you are selecting the music, make sure it is royalty free - no sense in upsetting any copyright holders). Mixing your voice is over the background music is not that difficult. Your virtual tour provider … (0 comments)

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