virtual tours: Single Property Web Sites with a Virtual Tour - 03/23/08 02:05 AM
Here is a nifty way to market a listing: use a single property web site.
It's easy! And cost effective, too!
Buy a domain name, like, and point the domain to your virtual tour. Here is a good example:
Now, in any advertisement, include the Web site. All the information the prospective homebuyer needs is on your virtual tour. This is a great way to promote the listing and yourself!
Tip: you might want to try the .info domain -- they are even cheaper than the .com's!

virtual tours: The Do It Yourself Virtual Tour -- Gone Bad - 03/22/08 11:01 PM
Sometimes, real estate agents just want to do the virtual tours all by themself. They don't want (or think they need) a professional photographer or tour builder. Maybe it's the economics. But here is proof that you get what you pay for: this is what happens with the Do It Yourself Virtual Tour -- and how things can go bad.
Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and take this tour. You won't believe it!

virtual tours: Virtual Tours Coming to Cell Phones... - 03/18/08 08:43 AM
It is just a matter of time until I'll be offering my clients the ability to download a virtual tour to cell phones. And it's coming faster than you may think.
I just read this in USAToday:
Microsoft has licensed Adobe's software for viewing online videos and other files on cellphones, the companies said Monday.
Microsoft will distribute Flash Lite and Reader programs from Adobe Systems to cellphone makers who use its Windows Mobile software.
Flash also allows users to interact with more websites. It's the software behind most shopping sites where you can view an item in different colors or try out house … (3 comments)

virtual tours: Ahoy! Virtual Tours Sell Boats, Too! - 03/18/08 08:33 AM
Ahoy, matey!
Did you know a virtual tour can sell a boat?
One of my fellow full service dealer of Real Tour Vision recently completed a virtual tour of a boat. Looks like owners wanting to sell their boats have turned to virtual tours to get the job done. Here is the virtual tour.
Recreational vehicles are just one more thing that virtual tours can help sell to computer users.

virtual tours: Tour Disc - a Better Marketing Tool - 02/28/08 02:35 AM
Tour Discs are a unique marketing tool that is the perfect upgrade to your Virtual Tours! Give your clients something they will remember. Available on CD or DVD, now creates a custom disc of your virtual tour with a slideshow for distribution. Tour Discs are great for sales centers, open houses, investor opportunities, and much more.
Leave your customers remembering what you have to offer by handing them out as a keepsake for your client and even as a business card!

virtual tours: Agents: How Far Does Your Virtual Tour Reach? - 02/27/08 02:28 AM
I am just releasing a new brochure designed to help agents understand how far they're virtual tour is traveling on the Internet. Too many agents think that once they have a virtual tour created, everyone in the world can see it.
To get the message out, the tour needs broadcast or submitted to many sites. does this automatically with out standard real estate virtual tours.
To understand more about this concept, click here to download the brochure What is Your Reach?
Added benefit: the more sites that have your virtual tour, the more sites that have your name and contact information...and … (2 comments)

virtual tours: Reason #1 - Why Virtual Tours Should Be A Part of Your Marketing Effort - 02/26/08 11:10 PM
A few days ago, I mentioned in my blog that I would be posting the reasons why virtual tours should be a part of your marketing effort. This is the first of that series of posts. I will continue to post these important reasons over the coming weeks.
Reason #1 - Virtual tours touch both the audible and visual senses. When computer users start a virtual tour, not only are they watching it on their computer screen, but they are also listening to the music. The combination of both creates a powerful presentation.
Special Tip: Consider adding a professional narration to … (2 comments)

virtual tours: Search Engine Optomization - SEO - Made Easy - 02/26/08 08:18 AM
So you need some help with your SEO? You don't know what SEO is? You heard of it, and you think you need it?
Well, fear not: there is help - and it's free! We have a 19 page document that will explain SEO to you. Easy to read, and easy to follow. It will help you move your web site from oblivion in the search engines to the top of the lists.
Did I mention this guide is FREE? So what do you have to lose? To get your FREE copy, just drop me an e-mail at:
George SheldonVirtualToursCompany.comLancaster, PA
Here is … (5 comments)

virtual tours: Agents Need Virtual Tours as Home Resales Fall to Nine-Year Low - 02/25/08 01:04 PM
It's all over the news:
"Sales of existing homes in the U.S. fell in January to the lowest level since records began nine years ago and prices slid for the sixth time in seven months, posing a threat to consumer spending, the largest part of the economy.
Resales declined 0.4 percent, less than forecast, to an annual rate of 4.89 million from a revised 4.91 million in December that was higher than previously reported, the National Association of Realtors said today in Washington. " 
-- from Bloomburg, the complete story is here.
So what's an agent to do to get a listing … (0 comments)

virtual tours: Good Bye, Newspapers: Is this the future we have before us? - 02/22/08 09:04 AM
One newspaper is done, and another has quit publishing a print edition, switching totally to publishing on the web. Is this the future?
One paper is Madison, WI, and the other is in Albuquerque, NM. Here are the news stories:
"Madison's afternoon newspaper, The Capital Times, will move to an all-Internet edition in a transition that could be the first of its kind in the struggling industry.
The 17,000-circulation newspaper announced the changes to staff and in a story published on its Web site Thursday. The moves include publishing twice-weekly free print editions."
The complete story is here:
The second story:
The Albuquerque Tribune will … (7 comments)

virtual tours: Press Release: HitStats 2.0 announced - 02/11/08 04:58 AM
Press Release
February 12, 2008
For Immediate Release Announces HitStats 2.0(TM) -- New Virtual Tour Internet Traffic Reporting Technology
Lancaster, PA --, in conjunction with Real Tour Vision(TM), today announced the release of HitStats 2.0(TM) a proprietary internet traffic reporting technology. This newest marketing tool was specifically designed to enhance their already successful PanoRider(TM) (panoramic sign rider) and single property website services. HitStats 2.0 produces statistic reports that not only show real estate agents where virtual tour views are coming from but also displays which scenes from the 360 tour are being viewed online.
"We are very excited to be able to offer this … (1 comments)

virtual tours: How Green Am I? - 02/10/08 11:10 PM
"It ain't easy being green," at least that is what Kermit the Frog says.
Well, I got thinking that maybe it is easier than Kermit lets on. Being a virtual tour builder here in Lancaster, PA, I realize that I am a "green" business.
Web site visitors that take my virtual tours are being green -- instead of burning gas and driving to numerous homes, they are avoiding unnecessary trips. Taking virtual tours is quite green.
So how do I market "green" to real estate agents? Isn't it a good thing that virtual tours are really green? What's the best way to … (6 comments)

virtual tours: George Sheldon Photography - New Web Site - 02/10/08 07:58 AM
I launched another new web site. Annoucing: 
It took a little bit of time to get this one built. It features my portrait and wedding photography -- my other site, remains active and is dedicated to real estate photography and virtual tours. remains active, and is now used for my editorial work (books, primarily).
It's a maze, I suppose, but it seems to make my photography services easier to find.

virtual tours: Sample Audio Narration for Virtual Tour - 02/05/08 02:01 AM
Maybe it is just because I have been talking more about audio narration this past week to clients and new customers, but I have been asked for samples.
Here is one I have been using for real estate agents/customers: sample audio tour
(Before clicking, turn up your speakers.) 
You can decide if professional narration is better than just music for your virtual tours.  

virtual tours: Proof that PanoRider's Work and Drive Traffic to Web Sites - 02/03/08 01:52 AM
The proof is in. Our PanoRider's are driving traffic to real estate agent's web sites.
Here is what a PanoRider looks like:
They are now available in custom sizes, too.
But here is the important part of this:
"Panoramic sign riders (PanoRiders) and single property website services back in October of 2007 after a highly successful six-month pilot run in the Metro DC area. During their trials, HitStats 2.0 showed that an average of 50% of all visits to the property tour were from the use of the PanoRider and single property website. Some traffic reports showed statistics as high as 79% coming from … (1 comments)

virtual tours: Audio Adds A New Professional Touch to Virtual Tours - 01/30/08 01:11 AM
I am somewhat amazed at what some agents are calling "virtual tours." Stringing together several single scenes and putting them on a website seems to qualify for some. As a professional photographer and virtual tour creator, it makes me cringe.
There's more than just putting together images. What about audio?
Check out my web page here, which shows the difference between a tour with audio, and without. Click on the button to open a new tour'll hear what a professional voice over artist can do for you and your listings. It will make you stand out from the crowd.

virtual tours: Listen to this ... audio on virtual tours works - 01/28/08 09:44 PM
On a recent sales call in nearby Hershey, I demonstrated a virtual tour with a standard audio music track. My sales prospect loved the tour, but disliked the music. She said she never likes music playing on web sites.
When I arrived at my next appointment in York, Pennsylvania, still weary of the last prospect's comments, I reluctantly demonstrated the same virtual tour. This sales prospect not only the tour was fantastic, but also loved the music!
Go figure.
From chatting with prospects and clients, I've learned that when it comes to audio on virtual tours, some really do want the … (2 comments)

virtual tours: Stats Reports Helps Agents Make Wise Marketing Investments - 01/28/08 04:40 AM
So you decided that you do want to market your listings faster, smarter, cheaper, better... how do you know where your Internet traffic is coming from? Where does it make sense to market your listings? Do those free web sites (like Craigslist) really work.
You can tell with good web traffic reporting. My virtual tours that I build offer this solution. Here are the details:
Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting: Hit statistic reports show not only where virtual tour views are coming from but they also display which scenes from within the 360 tours are being viewed the most. The new hit reporting … (0 comments)

virtual tours: Remote Hosted Virtual Tours - 12/16/07 10:22 PM
There is something called a remote hosted virtual tour. It sounds worse than it is, and it important to know that it can be done.
Suppose you want to have the virtual tour embedded on your own web site -- and not run in a pop-up window. The solution to this design issue is to ask for a remote hosted tour. The tour will run on your server. As a web page is loaded, the virtual tour executes.
For most real estate agents, they will not want this type of tour. The reason is simple: it takes a good web designer with some programming … (4 comments)

virtual tours: Looking for Suggestions on How to Build a Community Web Site - 12/06/07 10:18 PM
Has anybody built a community-based web site? Do you have any tips?
I am not looking for the technical information - not which program to use or HTML help. Rather, I am looking for suggestions on what to include in a county-wide or community web site. This is not my primary web site, but rather one that will be used to tell the world about the area. My "spin" to this is include virtual tours as part of the information-packed web site. I'd like the site to be good enough so an agent could use it to help out-of-area people to … (8 comments)

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