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The latest information on Colorado Real estate and Boulder County Real Estate is our primary goal. Every so often I will throw in my thoughts on SEO, customer care and how to grow a successful real estate practice.



There are several advantages to having a skylight in your home. The majority of people are already aware of the gorgeous natural light which is let in by skylights. This is merely one of the several rewards of having skylights.Another obvious reason for having a skylight in your house is conservi...
When you buy a home there are many factors to think about. How you and whomever you live with plan to title your home is one of these factors. A joint tenancy and a tenancy in common are merely two of several ways you can choose to title your home.The first significant consideration is to know ho...
For those who cannot obtain a loan through conventional means, there is the alternative of a hard money loan. The terms and process of these types of loans are much different than other kinds of loans. The majority of people who are looking for an alternative way to borrow money don’t know about ...
Selling your home is harder than one might think. For some people, a real estate broker provides the help they need, while others decide to do it by themselves. Although a broker is not necessary, it can make the job less difficult. The decision should be made after thorough consideration of the ...
Does investing in real estate sound attractive to you? What do you do if you do not know the best method to accomplish this? There are a ton of options out there, for one thing. In order to find the superior one for you, meticulous research is key. Merely one of those alternatives is a SEP.You mi...
If you are like thousands of other employed Americans, you’re probably hoping to retire early. You have to save enough money to pay decades worth of bills after retiring from your job in order to do this. While putting a portion of your earnings into a savings account is an option, it is not the ...
When dealing with property, on occasion boundary line mistakes happen. Maybe a mistake was made by the initial land surveyor. Water erosion might have caused a change to a boundary line. Inattentiveness on the part of a neighbor is also a likely cause. It likely comes as no surprise that misunder...
Whether you are a veteran homeowner or a renter looking to purchase your first place, one thing remains certain. It may seem daunting to save for a down payment. This is especially true in tough economic times when the job outlook is uncertain at best. You do not have to make a small fortune at y...
The terminology, housing tenure, pertains to the financial arrangements under which somebody has the right to dwell in a house or apartment. Leasing an apartment to a lessee with conditions of tenancy ensured by a lease is the most usual housing tenure deal. Monthly the landlord is entitled to a ...
Open Houses Sun 1-31480 Hawthorne Ave, Boulder3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2076 Sq Ft$575,000 MLS# 636551From 28th, go west on Iris to 16th. South to Hawthorn. West to propertyBeth Mason 303-589-5478Sun 2-44450 Comanche Dr, Boulder3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1295 Sq Ft$487,500 MLS# 641385From Baseline, North on Inca to...

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