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Back on July 2nd of this year I wrote a blog that the National Flood Insurance had been extended until September 30th, but that we were still waiting on the Senate to pass a Bill to extend it for a longer term.  Well that news finally came down last week that the National Flood Insurance was exte...
Minna Reid, just posted a blog with some information that I don't think that most of us here in Connecticut are aware of, so I thought that I would re-blog this to help get the word out.  This is information that is starting to affect more and more houses here in Connecticut and should be very us...
My friend Ray Saenz recently commented on one of my blogs and suggested that I do an update on the upcoming Changes To The FHA Upfront Premium and Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium.  This is a major change for FHA, and will have a significant impact on a Borrowers ability to qualify for a mortga...
Quite often First Time Homebuyers have a need for someone else to be on a mortgage with them in order to qualify to purchase a home.  While conventional loan products have a provision for this, it is not a very good one, and do not really provide an advantage to do so.  The only true option for a...
We need to use the power of the Internet when things like this happen.  This sort of thing is unacceptable, and those that try to pull stunts like this need to be reprimanded. One would not expect that a well know Motel chain like La Quinta Inn would pull a scam like this, and hopefully upper man...
Normally I don't re-blog blogs that are stories or jokes, but this one that Ed Silva posted this morning deserves to be past alone and shared with others. I am sure that I am not the only one reading this, that sometimes him or herself passing on the garbage that we pick up along the day, and the...
Yes that is correct Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Interest Rate Is At 3.875% This Week!!!  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Interest Rate for this week, I have never seen it hat low.  Who would ever have expected the interest ...
Lenn Harley posted a blog this morning about an issue that I feel very strongly about.  It is an issue that needs more of our attention.  It is an issue about a right that many take for granted.  People in this country have become spoiled and don't realize what a tremendous opportunity it is to b...
In the past two weeks we have seen a slight increase to the Mortgage Interest Rates, as oppose to the drop in Mortgage Interest Rates that we had been experiencing for most of the year.  However this week we have started to see the Mortgage Interest Rates return to the pattern that they had been ...
William J Archambault Jr, makes some excellent points in this blog about equity, and the affect that defaults have on it. Bill is someone that has been in this business for a long time, and has seen Real Estate go through several market changes over that period, and knows what he is talking about...

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