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The sun is shinning now and picnics have started, buy the weather was much different this morning and "Several Memorial Day Parades Canceled Because Of Rain In Connecticut".  The only Memorial Day Parade that I know of that is still on is in Cromwell, Connecticut, which scheduled their Memorial D...
  Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  A day of parades, picnics, and family gatherings to celebrate the brave Service Men and Women that have scarified their lives for our Country.  But Memorial Day was not always a day of remembrance of the dead, it was originally a day of celebrating the living. The fi...
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Memorial Day wweekend, and that all of your get to enjoy some of the activities that will be going on this wweekend in you communities.     ****************************************************************************************************************** Who To Ca...
A topic that just not seem to go away is "Strategic Defaults"  This past week there was a blog written by Lenn Harley about a new "Strategic Default Credit Model"that I have not heard about before, but is apparently being put in place by some Lenders.  This new Credit Model is raising concerns an...
With the number of our young men and women serving overseas in recent years, we once again have a large number new Veteran's who are eligible for VA Mortgages.  Because of this I feel that those of us in the Real Estate Industry have an obligation to remind our men and women that have bravely ser...
Have You Ever Felt Real Small? Where is a ladder when you need one?   Rebecca Lobo was at McCueMortgage this past Friday, and spoke at our Monthly Sales Meeting.  Rebecca is the spokes person for McCue Mortgage, and If you have not heard Rebecca speak before, than I would hope that you would look...
The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) has issued a "Call To Action"in an effort to keep one of the many proposals under the Dodd-Frank Act from being enacted.  The provision of the Bill that the NAMB is putting out a "Call To Action" on, is the Qualified Residential Mortgage Rule (Q...
Once the Attorney and the Buyers have completed all of the conditions that were listed on the Commitment Letter, the Closing Department will give the Attorney a "Clear To Close".  These are the words that everyone has been waiting to hear during this whole process.  The words that were needed for...
Now that the Commitment Letter has be issued, which means that the Mortgage has been approved, and the Bank/Lender has committed the funds, everyone is much more at ease.  But this is not a time to relax, all the conditions that were on the Commitment Letter have to be completed before the Closin...
So far we have covered in this First Time Homebuyer Seminar Series the pre-approval process,  choosing a Realtor, shopping for a house, and "Applying For A Mortgage".  The next component of the First Time Homebuyer Seminars is putting the Loan into process and Underwriting the loan.Once the Buyer...

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