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This past week was a week filled with uncertainty about whether the United States will default on its debts or not.  On top of this the economic date for the week was also very disappointing.  With all this bad news going on most people would probably think that mortgage interest rates would have...
One last reminder to McCue Mortgage customers, that tomorrow is there LAST CHANCE to win a FREE MORTGAGE PAYMENT.   This weekend has been the McCue Mortgage Rock Cat Weekend, and we have been giving all of our customers a chance to win a free Mortgage Payment for every Home Run a Rock Cat player ...
The answer the question of “Why I chose Real Estate” is really pretty simple, it is what I wanted to do, because I love the rewards, satisfaction, and challenges that it brings.  But if someone had told me when I was growing up that I would spend almost all my adult life in sales related fields, ...
The Connecticut Whale, the American Hockey League (AHL) team is now based in Hartford, has recently become a member of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.  The team plans on be very active in the Chamber and has already started to reach out to other members of the Chamber by offering great ticket ...
The Middlesx Chamber of Commerce has announced the next Business After Work networking event.  I always look forward to these events each month, and this year the Chamber has out done its self with the Business After Work events that it has held so far this year. The next event wil be held at: Wa...
Today my wife and I and the rest of the family took my youngest son Brando out to celebrate his 25th birthday.  It doesn’t seem possible that twenty-five years have gone by since I first held him.  But it has and he is no longer a child but grown into a man. It seems like yesterday that I watched...
I have been seeing a lot of blogs on Short Sales lately, and many of them paint a very rosie picture of Short Sales.  Some of them even make it sound like the consequences to a Sale is minimal especially with FHA loans.  I have read a few that suggest that an FHA Loan on a new property can be don...
It is hot out there!  Today was one of the hottest days that I can ever remember in Connecticut.  The temperature was already 91 degrees by the time I drove into work, the the temperature gage in my car read 105 degrees on my way home. There was no way my wife was going to do any cooking in this ...
One of the things that I really enjoy doing is networking, and I would like to think that through the years I have learned how to be more effective it.  There are a few things that I learn on how to be more effective at networking, and will try to share them in this blog on “How To Increase Your ...
This past Monday Congressman John Campbell (R-California) and Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-New York) introduced a bill in Congress titled the "Conforming Loan Limits Extension Act", which would extend the current conforming loan limits for another two years. It is important that the higher loan l...

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