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Properties With CHFA Mortgages Always Have To Be The Borrowers Primary Residence.  The Connecticut Housing Finace Authorty (CHFA) is a excellent Mortgage Program, especially for First Time Homebuyers who do not have enough money for a downpayment and/or closing cost.  We at McCue Mortgage have b...
  The A Night For The Children An "Empty Bowl" Fundraiser will be held on Thursday April 4th, at Trinity-On-Main from 6 - 8 p.m.  This fundraiser is to raise money in an effort assist the homeless in New Britain, CT.  Many homeless also have younger children, which makes their situation even mor...
I posted blog title "How Do I Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage" on Sunday and a comment by Edith Schreiber stated: "Perhaps you can help me to understand why there are mortgage professionals who still use "pre-approval" and pre-qualification" interchangeably...???" I do not know why Loan Originato...
  The next Middlesex County Chamber Of Commerce Business After Work is going to be at the Italian Society Club.  The Middlesex County Chamber Of Commerce Business After Work AT The Italian Society is one of my favorite Middlesex County Chamber Of Commerce Business After Work events, because besi...
What Is A "Loan" or "Mortgage" Subordination?  In my blog yesterday "What is a FHA Partial Claim" I stated that: If the homeowner sells or refinance the property the FHA Partial Claim will need to be paid in full at that time.  However, with the recent change in the FHA Streamline Refinance Guide...
  The South Fire District In Middletown, CT Easter Flower Sale 2013 is this Thursday through Saturday the March 28 - 30.  The South Fire District also had a Easter Flower Sale last year, and they had an excellent selection of flowers to pick from.  I am making it a point to be there on Thursday ...
What Is A FHA Partial Claim?  Even though the Real Estate Market is starting to turn around in many areas of the country, foreclosures are still an issue that many homeowners are still dealing with.  There are several options that homeowners can contact their Lender about to try to avoid a forecl...
I get several calls each day form potential Borrowers with mortgage questions.  The questions range from "what is your interest rate", "why do I have to pay points", "what are closing costs", "what is PMI", "how do I fix my credit", as well as several others.  But the one question that I am asked...
 I am happy to report that the First Loan Originator Career Pathways Event Was A Success.  We had 16 possible future Loan Originators attend Thursday night, which is more than we had expected.   Those in attendance had a lot of questions, and had many positive comments about the presentation.  H...
The Sensei/Grasshopper Challenge Is Back.  I did not participate in the first challenge but after much thought I decided that I should participate in this one, especially since I have a new member that it will be a special experience to mentor.  That special new member is my son Matthew Souto, wh...

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