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Ed Silva is a Realtor that I would not hesitate to refer to my Borrowers, as well as a Realtor that would recommend very highly to anyone purchasing or selling a home.  I have know Ed for several years, and it is has been a pleasure to work with him on every transaction that we have been involved...
I would highly recommend Pat and Wayne Harriman to anyone who is considering purchasing a home or selling their home.  I have know Pat and Wayne Harriman for several years, and it is always a pleasure to work with both of them and their clients.  Pat and Wayne Harriman are professional in everyth...
I often am asked Does Participating In Consumer Credit Counseling Disqualify A Borrower For A Mortgage?  The answer is NO, just participating in Consumer Credit Counseling does not disqualify a borrower for a mortgage.  FHA is very clear about this, but Fannie Mae is not, in fact I could not find...
USDA/Rural & VA Mortgage Guidelines On Foreclosures And Short Sales. Last month I wrote a blog on the waiting period before a Borrower(s) who has had a Foreclosure, or Short Sale can qualify again for a FHA Mortgage, and another blog on the waiting period for Fannie Mae.  In one of the comments G...
The Russell Library In Middletown, CT Book Sale were very well attended in 2013, so the Russell Library will be continuing their monthly book sales in 2013.  Usually the Russell Library does not provide much notice for the monthly book sales, so I decided to be proactive and announce the Russell...
With Conventional Mortgages becoming more popular in recent months, because of FHA changes and proposed changes, I felt that it would be good to write a blog on a regular obstacle for Conventional Borrowers.  With many people having lost their jobs in recent years, it is not uncommon for them to ...
Earlier this month I have posted three blog suggesting ways to improve our marketing and our production, examining ourselves, examine our marketing stratigies, and suggesting ways to improve newsletters.  But What Do You Do When You Make Changes To What You Are Doing And It Fails?  Do you give up...
I read a commentary today written by Five Star Institute Economist, Mark Lieberman, on January 18, 2013, titled "Let Them Eat .... Nothing" which has left me almost speechless.  I find it hard to understand how a seemingly intelligent individual comes to the conclusions that Mr Lieberman makes th...
I wrote a blog  "Not Everything In Debt-To-Income Ratios Are The Same In Loan Programs"  earlier this week pointing out that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) QM Rule for a flat Total Debt-To-Income Ratio of 43% on all Loan Programs was not a wise or practical thing to do.  In the b...
Once a Borrower starts the Homebuying Process they should begin to put together the documents that will be required when they go to apply for a Mortgage.  When I Pre-Approve my Borrowers, and they plan on purchasing a home soon, I go over a List Of Documents Required To Apply For A Mortgage.  I f...

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