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Labor Day this year is a labor day for me.  I have been renovating one of my bathrooms and I am trying to finish most on it this week.  Hopefully today I will get a majority of what is left done.Normally we plan on having the family over and putting some food on the grill.  But this year everyone...
  Happy 4th of July 2019 to all my ActiveRain friends.  Today my wife and I are headed to RI to celebrating the 4th of July with my family.  The day will start out with a cookout, followed by some fun and games, and then ending with watching a great display of fireworks.  The weather is clear an...
Today is Father's Day 2019 and it has been a good Father's Day weekend.  Yesterday I got to spend time with my youngest son and his wife, and today I will FaceTime with my oldest son, and gorgeous granddaughter. I hope the rest of the fathers reading this blog got to spend their Father's Day 201...
  Today is 2019 Memorial Day In Middletown, CT.  Memorial Day is a day our Country has set aside to honor the fallen men and women who have served in our Armed Forces, and put their lives on the line to ensure the freedoms we have. Memorial Day has also become a time where families get together ...
Even on a wet damp day like today it is still a very special day, because we get to honor all mother, and thank them for all they do. Happy Mother's Day 2019 to all Mother's, and I hope this was a special day for every Mother everywhere. 
Happy Easter Sunday 2019.  This is a special day my family and I look forward to each year.  The day starts out with all of us going to Church.  Once Church Services, and Bible Class are over we all head to my house for a special lunch/dinner. This year will are having a stuffed pork roast, and t...
 The Coleman Brother's 2019 Carnival Is In Middletown, CT April 5 - 13. Coleman Brothers is a small Carnival that comes to Middletown, Connecticut every year, and all the kids in town look forward to it.  As you can see from the banner above, and the pictures below, the Coleman Brother's Carnival...
 Happy St Patrick's Day 2019.  Today was St. Patrick's Day, and I had a relaxing day with my wife.  We had our annual Corn Beef, potatoes, and carrots (no cabbage), and we went to see the play Cinderella, at the Oakdale Theater, in Wallingford, CT.   I hope that all of you had a special day as we...
Happy Presidents Day 2019!!! Today was Presidents Day, and for most workers in the U.S. a day off from work.  Presidents Day was not always known as Presidents Day, in fact up until 1968 there was no Presidents Day. Presidents Day was originally known as Washington's Birthday, and established in...
Happy Valentine's Day 2019 To All My ActiveRain Friends!!!  This is wishing all my friends here on ActiveRain a Happy Valentine's Day today.  I hope everyone took the time today to tell everyone who is special to you how you feel about them, and spent quality time with them. This year my wife an...

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