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Many people seem to have the misconception that ARMs are a horrible loan program in most cases.  While the idea of there being a possibility of your interest rate going up and be and is unnerving to many in a lot of cases they can actually be the best way to save money depending on your long term...
As you know when purchasing a new home it is very important to get a good agent especially if you are a first time home buyer.  When I bought my first home with my ex-fiancé we got a horrible agent.  Thankfully we got a really good loan officer.   We started off by getting preapproved then lookin...
When purchasing a house an inspection is obviously one of the important steps especially if the financing is going FHA or a similar program.  However some people, especially inexperienced first time home buyers, will take the sellers for their word and forgo a follow up to make sure what was said...
I've just got ahold of this new FSBO marketing program and wanted to see what you realtors thought about it.  Basicly I have a service that sends me all the new FSBO listings for a certin area.  I work the north and east Seattle areas.  Then I call the people to give them the pitch.  Being I'm a ...

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