home selling: New Port Richey Florida's Spring Buyers Market is HOT! - 03/28/14 10:59 PM
Home sellers have been hearing a lot of Buzzzzz over the last two years about how our local real estate market in New Port Richey Florida is improving.  Yes, sales are up and sales prices are up over the years prior but here is the best indicator that the local real estate market in New Port Richey has improved. This Spring Home Buyer Season is HOT.
This spring has shown that home buyers are re-entering the housing market to do their part to move sales along and breath some renewed life into our local real estate market in New Port Richey. … (0 comments)

home selling: How Important is Your Homes MLS Advertisement? - 03/06/14 12:02 AM
Your homes MLS (Multiple Listing Service) advertisement is very important when selling your home. Your homes MLS advertisement is the number 1 way to get your home sold and the information and photos contained in your homes mls advertisement is what other Realtors® see as well as their home buyers.  Over 95% of ALL homes sold, were in the MLS. Our local MLS in Pasco county Florida contains the MLS listings of 17 counties in the state of Florida. This means that your home has huge exposure throughout the state of Florida and your homes MLS advertisement is very important. 
The rules of the … (3 comments)

home selling: Trying to Get a Great "Deal" May Cost You The Home You want - 11/07/13 08:35 PM
Trying to get a great "Deal" may cost you the home you want in our local New Port Richey market.  Working with both home sellers and home buyers, I get to hear and learn from both sides of the transaction.  Almost every home seller wants top dollar for their home and almost every buyer wants to get the home for less money or get a great "Deal".
When buying a home, you may want to keep in mind that not every home is overpriced. Not every seller is unrealistic and when your Realtor® shares information with you, you may want to listen to what they … (3 comments)

home selling: Selling your home in New Port Richey Florida - Pricing Your Home - 10/17/13 11:50 PM
  Selling your home in New Port Richey Florida will require proper pricing of your home.  In our current market, homes are selling within days of being placed on the market for sale.  These homes have been properly priced and are offered for fair market value.
Did you know that in New Port Richey, Trinity and Port Richey Florida our homes are selling within 95% of the asking price?  Buyers in the New Port Richey area have far fewer homes available for sale than in years past which means that your potential buyers are serious about buying your home and are willing to … (2 comments)

home selling: Tips for Selling Your Home in New Port Richey Florida - 04/14/13 11:38 PM
Selling your home in New Port Richey Florida requires that your home beats the competing homes on the market.  Hiring a quality professional to advise you and properly market your home to attract the most buyers is important.  Marketing is not enough.  Your home needs to make a stellar impression on your potential buyers.  
Here are a few Tips that will help make a great impression on buyers.
Sight - Smell - Sound.  These are the Key Senses to address.
Turn on All Your Lights.  You want your buyers to have a bright and cheerful feeling when entering your home. … (1 comments)

home selling: Selling Your Home in Port Richey Florida - Tips and Advice for Sellers - 12/20/12 10:11 PM
When selling your home in Port Richey Florida there are some important things you should keep in mind. Our local Port Richey Florida market is divided into two categories. One is the Investor Sale category.  Investor Sales are homes that need repair which prevents them from being sold through traditional financing.  These homes are sold for Cash and need repairs such as a new roof or central Air Conditioner.  We even see some of these investor sales with broken windows no appliances etc. Generally these homes are foreclosures and are sold as-is with no concessions.
Then we have the owner occupied … (2 comments)

home selling: Selling Your Home in Trinity Florida? Get the Service You Deserve - 12/16/12 10:47 PM
When you need to sell your home in Trinity Florida you have many choices in who to hire for the job.  You need an agent who will provide you with stellar service and have a fluent knowledge of the latest technology and marketing trends.  You need an agent who will listen to your needs and answer any and all questions you may have.
Advertising your home for sale in Trinity Florida takes a bit more work than in other areas of New Port Richey Florida.  Your agent must understand your buyer pool. Your agent must have knowledge of the community features and … (0 comments)

home selling: New Port Richey Market Report for July 2011 - 08/05/11 02:17 AM
242 Homes were For Sale in July 2011
                    bedrooms    bathrooms    sqft heated       list price               lp/sqft.
Low                 1                  1                540             $19,900               $18.47
High                6                  4               5,996         $3,750,000.00         $625.42
median            3                  3               1,594           $128,950              $78.58
6 Homes SOLD in July 2011
                    bed         bath             sqft. heated           sold price                sold price/sqft.              DOM
low                2              1                722                       $28,000                  $28.90                         4
high              2               2                1,510                     $65,000                 $56.29                         227
median          2              2                 1,117                    $48,450                  $37.57                         55
10 Homes were removed from the Sales Market
19 Homes are Currently Active With contract
28 Homes are Pending … (2 comments)

home selling: Positive News from Pasco's Appraiser - 05/19/11 01:25 AM
Pasco Countys Property Appraiser Mike Wells was the keynote speaker at a luncheon at my local Board of Realtors.  A lot of Great News was Shared at the Meeting.
Wells Fargo has donated $25,000.00 to the West Pasco Habitat for HumanityOrganization which in cooperation with the West Pasco Board of Realtors are now able to have our first Realtor Built Home in Pasco County.  The "Buy It and Bolt It" campaign is gaining momentum.  We urge everyone in the Real Estate Business to Purchase the "Support Home Ownership for All" license plate.  The proceeds from the tag help support neighborhood … (6 comments)

home selling: Power of Proper Property Pricing! - 05/14/11 03:06 AM
 I tried to get a long titile with rhyming P's but  I have not hade enough coffee to be that clever today.  I am awake enough to point out one HUGE indicator of wheather or not Your Home is Priced Properly.  I realize that every homowner feels their home is worth its weight in gold.  I am no diferent when it comes to my own home in Port Richey, Florida.   Unfortunatly, Home Buyers and the public at large do not see Our Homes in the same light.
When determining Your Homes Value, you must look at all the information that your … (4 comments)

home selling: The Dream of Home Ownership - 05/10/11 06:28 AM
  The Dream of Home Ownership.  What can I say about the dream of owning your own home?  I remeber when I was in my early 20's and working too hard for too little and renting away my income I had a Dream Home in mind for myself.  Not necessarily something out of better homes and gardens but a nice cozy home all my own.  Well I finally was able to get that cozy home of my own and I am a happier person for it.  It is no surprise to me that my Career is to Serve People looking to … (3 comments)

home selling: I Don't Need No Stinking Market Analysis!! - 05/02/11 12:18 AM
Almost any Realtor(R) will be happy to perform a Comparative Market Analysis for your Home.  This Market Analysis is a tool to assist you in pricing your home based on the activity in your neighborhood.  It is an informal analysis of homes that are comparable to yours, that have sold in your neighborhood.  It takes into account your homes features and size and uses homes that are as similar to yours as possible.

These homes can be ones currently for sale and ones that have sold.  This will give you a good guide as to what Value the Buyers in your … (2 comments)

home selling: Spring is Springing Here in Florida....Are You Still Shoveling? - 02/16/11 12:50 AM
We booked a camping trip for this weekend since the weather will be in the upper 70's.  Are you still shoveling snow?  Did you enjoy scraping your windshield every morning this winter?  Was it fun to winterize and cover your pool?  Did you enjoy putting on boots, gloves, coat and hat just to walk the dog?

home selling: Stellar Customer Service is Key - 01/14/11 03:03 AM
I have always believed that without customers you have no business.  Without Customer Service you have no Customers.  Your Customer Service is a Good Barometer of your Integrity and Character.  Yesterday evening around 5:30pm while I was having dinner with my Mom my phone rang.  The ringtone told me it was a customer or a lead.  I love designated ring tones just for this reason.  A few seconds later I heard Peter Griffin laugh which told me I had a voicemail.  (If you do not know who Peter Griffin is it is ok)
I finished my dinner and checked my phone.  It … (2 comments)

home selling: Burglar Proofing Your Home - 01/01/11 12:11 PM
Feeling safe in your home is paramount for every homeowner and their families.  I realize that some you do not receive my monthly newsletter so I wanted to share some of the key Points in This Months Newsletter Regarding Burglary Prevention.
Tips on Safeguarding your Home
Make sure all exterior doors have good locks.  At the very least you want a dead-bolt lock with a 1" throw. Always lock up when you go outside. Secure sliding glass doors with bars or locks to prevent the door from sliding on it's track.  An old broom handle works very well. Make sure all … (3 comments)

home selling: West Pasco Market Report - 12/30/10 03:00 AM
Market Report for West Pasco, Florida
December 2010
    9,543 Homes Were Placed on The Sales Market
    3,976 Homes Sold
    $81,014 Was The Low Sales Price
    $203,754 Was the High Sales Price
There are Still Plenty of Homes currently on the Market at Amazing Prices.  This Market Report Covers Hudson Florida south to Holiday on the Gulf Coast.  The information is only as accurate as the source from which it came.
When You are Ready To Buy or Sell a Home in West Pasco, Florida Give Me a Call.  I know The Area, I know the … (0 comments)

home selling: To Fee or Not To Fee? - 11/17/10 01:27 AM
Today I opened an email from my favorate Title Company asking once again if I will be charging a Transaction Fee on our Upcoming closing.  Once again I said "No. I dont believe in them."  A short while later she calls me to get Mr. Sellers new mailing address and laughing she said "I know you dont charge a fee but I still need to check." 
Here is my take on Transaction Fees, I can not see it as anything more than lining ones pocket.
  Yes, we work hard and go above and beyond for our Customers but that is not a … (54 comments)

home selling: Why Use A Comparative Market Analysis? - 11/16/10 12:28 AM
Selling your home in todays market takes consistant marketing.  Price is very important in todays Buyers Market.  Trying to sell your home while asking too high a price is impossible.  Pricing your home too low is not a good thing either.  Here is where a Comparative Market Analysis will help you.
The Comparative Market Analysis is a report your Realtor(R) can give you on "comparable" sales in your area.  It will include homes that are similar to yours in size, features and annual costs within a 1 to 2 mile radius of your home that have sold in the last 6 … (2 comments)

home selling: Winter is Coming....Where Will You Be? - 08/16/10 03:40 AM
Another winter is creeping up on the North.  As a born and bread Yankee from NY I know how bitter cold the winters can be.  You do not have to shovel your way through another winter!!
Florida's Gulf Coast is exactly what you need.  Hernando and Pasco Counties on Floridas Gulf Coast are excelelnt relocation destinations for our Northern Neighbors.  In fact, Spring Hill, Florida has seen more New Yorkers relocate to it than any other city in Florida.  With Large Homes at Unbeatable Prices, Good Schools and Low Taxes why wouldn't you consider moving here?
The investment Opportunities in … (2 comments)

home selling: Florida's Gulf Coast - Without Oil - 06/30/10 02:52 AM
I know many people see the images of the oil spill issues in the Gulf of Mexico and think things are Grimm for the entire State of Florida.  They are Not!!  Tampa, Inverness, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs and many many coastal cities are just fine.
Here is a Picture Taken This Weekend from the Boat on The Gulf off of Hudson Beach, Florida.
  Blue Skies and Blue Waters Abound in Pasco County, Florida
We saw no evidence of injured marine life off the coast in Pasco County  There were many little sharks attracted to our chumm and we had … (4 comments)

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