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Bernanke says rate “well positioned,” watching dollarFederal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Tuesday signaled he is finished cutting interest rates for now and hasturned his attention to concerns about inflation in the world’s foreign exchange markets in the wake of the U.S.dollar’s 16 percent decl...
The purpose of a listing agent is to get the most money for their client at closing.  Not the highest sales price but the highest net price. Too often,  listing agents have the seller order inspections upfront without doing the repairs.  I contend that in most cases,  this is costing the seller m...
I know there is a big push for agents to also do their own loans with the argument,  ............Why give someone else the loan commission,  when it is your client.  This argument is illogical.  Why don't you do your own roof inspections.  Or what about Pest Control repairs?  To do either job tak...
Unless you know what you are doing,   I would suggest you don't sell Class C property,  especially if low income or Ghetto property.  These properties typically have great potential and too often look like good deal but they are not right for unsophisticated buyers.  Here are some of the issues H...
The other story that may seem unbelievable is the following: There was a certain company who came up with a scheme.  The would hire very attractive 20 year old hispanic, spanish speaking girls.  Their job was to approach single men at Hispanic markets and our lhuge flea market and ask them if the...
I am not thrilled with our open border policy but,  once an immigrant gets here,  they should not be explointed. I see it all the time in my legal cases.  The least offensive,  although pretty bad,  is mortgage fraud.  The buyers don't understand how lenders kick back to the loan broker ......the...
I don't know if ths is a California phenom but we have rent a brokers.  I am not sure how this happened or the genesis but I suspect the cause.  Several years back the statewide association,  decided it wanted to upgrade the class of agents. To be a broker and open your own office,  you had to ha...
Maybe I have a prejudice because I saw so many BAD agents when I was managing a large office.  So many have entered the industry in last few years with little or no training.  And,  most of all,  many seem to have lost any moral compass that they might have ever had.  Iam sure that you have had a...
The biggest thing is the most investors are not really sophisticated.  And,  unless they have a professional propety manager (and that isn't always the case),  it is very difficult to get the documents you need to property analyze a property.  One of the mistakes is to wait until the seller provi...
You wouldn't believe how common it is for a residential agent to think that they can sell a duplex, 4 plex, etc by the same techniques that they use when selling a house. It starts with the contract.  If you use the residential form,  you leave out all the clauses that apply to income property; l...


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