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If you have read my blog before,  you know that most of my posts are about the legal side of our business and my work as an expert witness in real estate litigation.  This one is not. You would think that the music would be loud enough for congress to hear now that billions have been lost by hard...
I have recently taken several short sale listings.  In both cases,  the sellers were up to date on their payments but were pretty much out of cash.  Their houses were seriously upside down and they knew they were going to lose them one way or another.  In both cases, they asked me,  "should I sto...
We just ran across something that we overlooked on a recent transaction.  It especially bothers me since I am somewhat of a fanactic on anticipating problems and trying to eliminate them before they happen.  Here is what happened.  We got this near perfect offer on our listing ....buyer had 20%+ ...

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