litigaiton: It is time for legal reform!! - 11/24/08 04:52 AM
Lawyers and frivilous lawsuits are killing real estate and in many way, the entire economy of the US.  As an expert witness,  I see abuse every time I look at a suit.  In a real estate case,  it is not uncommon to have 6 or more attorneys on the same case,  no matter how small.  On a "bad house" case, the Seller,  Buyer,  Seller's agent and Buyer's agent all have attorneys.  Then,  you bring in the inspectors;  home,  pest;  roof; etc, etc.  Sometimes,  the title company and lender are named.  It becomes a circus. The worst part is that even if … (1 comments)

litigaiton: How Agents get sued by an Expert Witness - 10/11/08 11:12 AM
If you read my bio,  you know that in addition to being an agent,  I also am a frequent expert witness in litigation when agents are sued.  First,  there are typically several experts hired since each side is trying to find out if their guy (or gal) made mistakes well as seeing if they could divert some of the blame to another party.  It is common that the Selller,  the Buyer,  the Seller's Broker and the Buyer's Broker all have experts.  And,  if you add in Title or inspectors,  it is not uncommon to have 7 or 8 attorneys on … (8 comments)

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Guy Berry is a frequent expert witness in real estate litigation and an accomplished trainer in real estate law and contracts. In addition he has been licensed for 30 years as an agent and managed large offices, including Coldwell Banker and Century 21.



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