I found this video pretty frightening... Thanks to Steve Hoffacker for sharing it with those of us who hadn't seen it.... what an appropriate title for sure.... They all had that look of deer staring into the headlights !!Is it any wonder that we can't stand the high-handed antics of the TSA, tha...
Here is where Michelle addresses one of my pet peeves... where people don't have the first clue on how to hang art work correctly. One of the best examples is in her blog here... and the worst ones I've seen are where I have to strain my neck looking up to actually see the piece hanging about 1" ...
Not a creature was stirring, not even that pesky little mouse that has invaded my basement !!  Ahhhh, but he met his match last night, and he enjoyed his last taste of peanut butter in my strategically placed trap!! The stockings were hung by the chimney with hopes that St. Nicholas soo...
Thank you Valerie Zinger from Ottawa, Ontario.  The issus of smoking in the house is difficult to deal with... since the smoke permeates everything in the home and is very difficult to remove.   It is a real turnoff to buyers.... but Sellers really don't get it as they are immune to the smell.......
  There is no better time to get pre-qualified for a mortgage and buy your dream home.  Get locked in now at these low interest rates...
A message everyone should read... thank you Craig for this valuable post... it is unthinkable that some pet owners leave their pets outdoors in the most frigid weather... remember... your pet is a member of your family...  provide a place of warmth !!Would you put your dog in the freezer? NO. NO....
Now here's some great information from Bill Burke.  about Colour Psychology.... Most realtors advise their clients to repaint in  "neutral" tones, but beige can be pretty boring, and send a wrong message, and as Bill points out a splash of colour can change how you feel and has an instantaneous e...
                                                                        Sales Strong in NovemberDecember 3, 2010 -- Greater Toronto REALTORS reported 6,510 existing home sales in November - down 13 per cent from 7,446 sales in November 2009. New listings were also down 13 per cent annually to 8,6...
GOOGLE ANALYTICS... ARE YOU TRACKING & OPTIMIZING YOUR WEB TRAFFIC? I subscribed to Google Analytics abput six months ago, and was amazed at the kind, and depth of information I could garner from this and how it could help me customize my web site based on the statistics it revealed. Its a great ...
its that time of year again, when it brings joy to some and despair to others.  i am so fortunate to be in a good pleace where it is a happy time for me and my family, unlike so many others who can't afford to give their childre a toy or a good mal on Christmas. Our office  has, once again, set u...

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