Many people beleive that when an agent sells your home, they get the full amount of commission payable to the Brokerage.  This is not the case.     In this short video I explain how the commission is structured, and how it is allocated after the sale.. And, more importantly, what my net commissio...
I get many calls from clients asking to watch out for a Power of Sale property... "I want to get a good deal."   That is a great misconception many people have about buying one of these properties.  In this short video I explain things you may now know about Power of Sale Properties, and what you...
WHAT ADDITIONAL COSTS ARE INVOLVED WHEN PURCHASING A HOME? Buying a home can be a very emotional event... and it can be very stressful ...  and in the excitement of the process, it's all too easy to forget the additional costs involved in any transaction of buying a home.  Keep in the mind that b...
The words “Client” and “Customer” seem pretty clear cut, but in real estate they mean completely different things to a Realtor®. There is also a distinct difference in how seriously you are taken as a Buyer.  These two words and how they relate to the Realtor® as individuals make an important dif...
JUST HOW IMPORTANT IS FINANCING PRE-APPROVAL? UNKNOWN ISSUES ARISE    BY GLORIA VALVASORI Real Estate Agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service EMAIL  SHORT URL  Share on facebookShare on google_plusone_shareShare on linkedinShare on pinterest_shareShare on twitterMore Sha...
Let us all remember those who sacrificed their lives, so we can enoy a better one. The atrocities of war and the incpetion of "In Flanders Field" by Dr. John McCrae, a veteran office and accomplished poet, another one of the 60,000 Canadians who did not return home.   Let us stop today at 11:00 f...
After being in the real estate industry for more than 27 years, there is still one question that people ask me often.... "what happens after the home inspection?"   There is a simple answer... you have four (4) options available to you... and here they are!  Click below for the answers!     My pa...
Curb Appeal…. How Important Is It? While most home owners concentrate on "dressing" or "staging" the interior of the home, most forget about the exterior!! A vast majority of home buyers decide whether or not to look inside a home, based on their first impressions of the outside… does it have “cu...
Having a fresh clean scent in your home is very inviting, or the pleasant odour of cookies or bread baking in the oven!!   Strong plug-ins, or harsh cooking odours are one way to discourage buyers from taking a careful look at your home and usually will not take the time to look at the home serio...

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