The Fall market as we all know can be a very busy time in the world of real estate. That’s when there are usually an abundance of homes for buyers to choose from, making the choice difficult at times.   The Fall market in my area typically begins about mid September, after Labour day and when t...
RENOVATING? Budget for more time and Money, it most cases it always takes more time and unplanned situations arise that add to the budget...For those of you who have lived through the renovation process of a kitchen, in particular, you know how frustrating it can be… not to mention the inconvenie...
I'm sure this has happened to many of you... and I can't understand realtors who actually describe their listings in such a very misleading manor. Quite often I take clients to see with what appears to be a gorgeous home based on the description on the listing and the photograph of the exterior. ...
 So, you're away for a few days... and you didn't engage the services of a colleague to take your calls while away  (which in my opinion is a big mistake).  I always want to provide great service to my clients whether I am away, or in town.  I always arrange with another agent to take my calls, w...
You Have a Pre-Qualified Buyer, the Seller Refuses the Appointment Request If you had a serious Buyer, with financing pre-approval in place, anxious to get out there and buy a home.... and you were trying to book appointments and run into a roadblock with one of the listing appointments, what wou...
 10 Very Important Reasons Why ...You Should Hire an Experienced ProfessionalFor THE MOST Important Financial Transaction You Will Make Buying or selling a home is probably THE most important financial transaction you will make during your lifetime, and having a rained, experienced realtor who ha...
You can't sit back and expect the agent to sell your home for top dollar if you are not providing him/her with the canvass they need to market your home effectively, then complain when it does not sell! Selling your home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make... and it inv...

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