mississauga real estate: Real Estate Snapshot for Mississauga - March, 2019 - 04/17/19 07:11 AM
The Spring market has arrived and is in full force.. all the categories rose, with the exception of Days on Market, indicating the market is brisk and properites are sellling in less time than the month before.

mississauga real estate: Market Watch For Mississauga/GTA - March, 2019 - 04/07/19 07:07 AM
Market Statistics for the Mississauga area for March, 2019
Number of Sales were down 7.28% compared to March, 2018 Average Sales price increased by 3.07% from $716,690 to $738,673 Average days on Market increased by 4.36% Average Selling/List Ratio increased by 1.02% from 98% to 99% New listings were down by 6.24% Active lsitings were down by 5.01%

mississauga real estate: Market Update December, 2018 - 01/13/19 06:54 AM
Happy New Year!  Hope you all  had a wonderful holiday.  Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead!
Here are the latest Real Estate statistics for the month of December, 2018 compared to December, 2017.
Number of sales decreased 26.53% from December, 2018 compared to December, 2017. Average sales prices decreased minimally from $676,656 in December, 2017 to $673,950 in December, 2018. Average days on market increased by 11.54% from 26 days in 2017 to 29 days in 2018. Number of new listings decreased by 42.95% from 589 in December, 2017 to 336 in December, 2018 Average Selling/List price remained stable at 97%

mississauga real estate: Real Estate Numbers for Toronto Real Estate Board - 12/11/18 05:32 AM
Here is a breakdown of what the real estate market looked like in November, 2018, witha year over year comparison as well as seasonally adjusted.

mississauga real estate: Zillow Has Come to Canada - 11/07/18 05:43 AM
My Brokerage is one of two Brokerages who partnered with Zillow last month.
I've been busy preparing my profile, and asking past clients for reviews and testimonials.  Testimonials are a great resource for consumers looking for a reputable realtor.
If you are looking for an honest, trustworhty Agent in Mississauga,  you've found her. If you are thinking about Selling or Buying Real Estate in the Mississauga or GTA, call me and let's have a chat so I can learn how to best assist you in achieving your real estate goals.
To learn more about me, read some of the testimonials to see what my … (5 comments)

mississauga real estate: Mississauga Real Estate Update October, 2018 - 11/07/18 05:17 AM

Number of sales increased by 0.29% in October, 2018 from 689 to 691. Year to date numbers were down by 15.11% from 8,035 sales in 2017 to 6,821 in October, 2018.
Average sales price increased -  marginally by 1.18% from $685,860 to $693,920. Year to date prices dropped by 3.31% from $729,561 to $705,406.
Average days on Market decreased by  4.17% from 24 days last October to 23 days in October, 2018. Year to date numbers increased from 15 days last year to 22 days n October, 2018, an increase of $46.67%.
Average list … (0 comments)

mississauga real estate: Market Update June, 2018 Mississauga, Ontario - 07/21/18 06:50 PM
 Real Estate Statistics for June, 2018 compared to June, 2017  Number of sales decreased by 0.45% from 837 to 833
Average Sales Price increased by 3.75% from $699,935 to $726,211
Average Days On Market  increased by 33.33% from 15 days to 20 days
Average Selling/List Price decreased 1.01% from 98% to 97%
New Listings  decreased from 2,033 to 1,552 down by 23.66%

mississauga real estate: Real Estate Update May, 2018 - 06/12/18 05:40 AM
Real Estate Statistics for Mississauga for May, 2018 compared to May, 2017 Number of sales 1,071 decreased by 22.6% to 829
Average Sales Price   From $760,645 decreased 4.4% to $726,897
Average Days On Market  increased 90% from 10 days to 19 days
Average Selling/List Price decreased 5.7% from 104% to 98%
New Listings  decreased from 2,592 to 1,800 ê by 30.5%
I am never too busy for your referrals... and I'm always here to answer your questions, or provide any information you may need...
Have questions or require information? Contact me any time..I'm only a phone call, email or text away to assist you.

mississauga real estate: Professional Trust Is A Process.. Not A State - 05/04/18 06:51 PM
As a consumer, just like you, I look for value when seeking the services of a professional. Whether its a car dealership getting my car serviced, or a lawn service to care for my lawn. I go out of my way to go to a particular car dealership because they always wash my car inside and out at no extra charge. They provide little “unexpected extras” which makes me feel special, and that I am important to them.
The same applies to hiring a real estate agent and that’s what … (10 comments)

mississauga real estate: Market Statistics for April, 2018 - 05/03/18 10:32 AM
Here are the latest Real Estate Statistics for the Mississauga area for the month of April, 2018 compared to last April.
Number of Sales were down by 29.81% from 1,127 to 791 compared to April 2017
Average Sale Prices fell by 9.47% from $796,555 to $721,160
Average days on market rose from 8 days in April, 2017 to 19 days in April 2108 an increase of 137.50%
Average Selling Price/List Price fell by 10.91% from 110% to 98%
New listings dropped by 26.33% from 2,036 last year to 1,500 this year

mississauga real estate: Real Estate Update March, 2018 Mississauga & GTA - 04/04/18 07:58 PM
Here are some highlights from the latest Real Estate statistics for March, 2018, compared to March, 2017.
Number of sales decreased 33.42% from 1,155 in 2017 to 769 in 2018
Average sale prices fell from $798,670 in 2017 to $716,690 a decrease of 10.26%
Average Days On Market increased substantially .... up by 137.50% from 8 days to 19 days
Average Selling Price to List Price fell by 11.75% from 111% in 2017 to 98% in 2018.


mississauga real estate: Mississauga Real Estate Update February 2018 - 03/11/18 11:09 AM
Here are the latest real estate statistics for Mississauga for February, 2018.
Number of sales were down 38.25% from February 2017, from 779 to 481
Average Sales prices were down 9.47% from $724,432 in 2017 to $655,804 in 2018
Average days on market were up by 91.67% from 12 days to 23 days...
New listings were down by 6.2% from 963 to 895
Active listings increased by 108.87% from 496 listings to 1,036
Amount of inventory increased from 1 to 1.9 months an increase of 90%

mississauga real estate: Guide to Finding and Getting a Mortgage - Types of Mortgages - 02/01/18 06:12 PM
Guide to Finding and Getting a Mortgage Mortgage Qualifying for a Mortgage Types of Mortgages Mortgage Glossary Credit Scores Calculate Your Mortgage Possibilities Mortgage When purchasing a real estate property, unless paying cash, consumers typically finance all or a portion of the purchase price. This means borrowing money from a financial institution to buy a home, using the intended home of purchase as collateral for the loan.
Mortgage payments include the principal (the amount borrowed), and the interested (the amount charged for … (2 comments)

mississauga real estate: ARE YOU GUILTY TOO? - 01/30/18 08:19 AM
DON'T TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED - APPRECIATE YOUR BLESSINGSHave you ever wondered how you would manage if you were suddenly physically incapacitated?  You can imagine how debillitating it would be if you have a broken leg, or arm, or if you are right handed broke your hand or wrist.  You would be very difficult to carry out daily tasks that you take for granted every day.
How often do you take things for granted?  Little things you do every day without a second thought.... Its not until an event takes place that we stop and take notice when something happens to make … (15 comments)

mississauga real estate: The Home Shopping Process - My Important Role - 01/22/18 08:12 AM
Viewing HomesThe Home Shopping ProcessAs your real estate agent, my most important job is to make the home shopping process pleasant and rewarding for you.
I do that in a number of ways.
I regularly recommend properties for viewing that closely match your needs and wants, that suit your lifestyle, and are within your price range. That spares you the frustration of visiting homes that aren’t suitable.
I make sure you don’t miss opportunities. When a desirable property suddenly comes on the market, you’re alerted immediately.
I help you schedule viewings that fit your schedule, so there’s little if any inconvenience for you.
Before you view … (4 comments)

mississauga real estate: What Is The Real Job Of A Real Estate Agent? - 01/21/18 01:22 PM
 In actual fact, NO.  That is the end result of what we do..  What we really do is:PROVIDE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM!Real estate agents provide solutions to your problem. There can be many reasons why people sell their home and the sale of your home is the end result of solving your problem.
Some of the reasons clients have problems, and why they need to sell their home:
sometimes clients get re-located for job purposes sometimes there is a marital breakup and the house needs to be sold or the house is just too big after the children … (0 comments)

mississauga real estate: First Step to Home Buying ? A Mortgage Pre-Approval - 01/21/18 12:27 PM
Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval BEFORE You Look For Your Next HomeAn important ingredient in a successful home search is knowing how much you can afford. You don’t want to fall in love with a property only to find out it’s outside your price range.
Before you contact your Real Estate Agent to book appointments to go and view some properties, it is highly recommended you talk with your Bank or a Mortgage Broker to get a pre approved mortgage.
That’s why I recommend getting a Mortgage Pre-Approval. This is a document from your bank or other lender stating how much of a mortgage … (0 comments)

mississauga real estate: When Choosing A Fixer Upper Makes Cents - 01/19/18 05:58 AM

Some renovations can significantly increase the market value of a home. Others can cost more than you’ll ever get back.
So, when choosing a “fixer-upper”, look carefully at the work that needs to be done.
General painting, and bathroom or kitchen renovations typically increase the resale value of a house. “Invisible” repairs such as plumbing, electrical, or heating systems do not.
Before you buy, work with your REALTOR® to develop a market value estimate of the house you are considering as though the renovations you’re contemplating are already complete.
If the math works, go for it. Buying a “fixer-upper” can … (2 comments)

mississauga real estate: Closing The Sale... I'm Still Here With You - 01/18/18 04:40 PM
Closing the SaleMaking Sure Your Move Goes SmoothlyThere are few things I enjoy more than telling a client, “Your house is sold.” That means I have found them a qualified buyer, got them the price they wanted, and negotiated a great deal.
That doesn’t mean my work is finished. Far from it.
As your real estate agent, I’ll work closely with you to ensure the deal is finalized and that your move goes smoothly.
I’ll take care of the details. For example, if there are any conditions on the offer to buy your property, such as “passing a home inspection”, I’ll coordinate with you … (3 comments)

mississauga real estate: DON'T WAIT UNTIL SPRING. AVOID THE COMPETITION DO IT NOW - 01/10/18 05:44 PM
After the New Year, in mid January when speaking with people to discuss the sale of their home, I often hear “we want to wait until Spring to list our home.” I would recommend listing it at the end of January or mid February and here is why.
Buyers and Sellers are all aware that the Spring market is often a very busy time in the world of Real Estate. They often think of selling at the time of year hoping … (4 comments)

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