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Ahhh...the Blooper Trooper is ba-a-a-ck! I simply never run out of material thanks to the MLS, the LA Times and other print media sources. Thanks to this week's contributors: Janie Nagy of Manhattan Beach and Bruce Walter, my Hoosier State friend and contributor. It's nice to know that the gaffs...
  Hi Friends - Recently I have had a number of requests for my "Wino Post." (Thank you, dear readers!) This one was the official launch of my MLS BLOOPERS BLOG.  Look for a new one on Friday, but in the meantime, here is the original, back by popular demand: The MLS and the L.A. Times Real Estat...
SWIMMING POOLS, MOVIE STARS - PLAN YOUR VISIT TO LOS ANGELES - WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU! Hi Friends - In the past few weeks I have had several inquiries about the top things to do in a short visit to L.A., so I want to provide some suggestions for my out-of-state friends and clients. One really grea...
Friends, as an actress I had the wonderful experience of working with Michael J. Fox - one of the kindest and most selfless actors I ever had the opportunity to meet. This weekend is the last weekend of the Back to the Future celebration here in L.A. If you are in the area, please take the time ...
    Thank you all for your comments and requests for more humorous bloopers. I will try to respond to each of you as soon as I catch up with my life after my long overdue vacation. Yes, please feel free to send me any bloopers you find locally. I love to collect them from other areas of the count...
  This week's MLS and real estate ads had a distinct odor, friends. From gas to dry rot, it seems homes are becoming more offensive. There were tails in bathtubs and strange droppings on roofs. I challenge you to read these and not laugh out loud at some of the bizarre descriptions I found in thi...
Ah - what a week for bloopers! This week we're rolling in booze and money...and we have one son for sale.  Join the party, folks - BYOL. (Bring Your Own Laughs): First Round Is On Me "Equipped with Boose Theatre System" (I'll drink to that!)" "Antique great still in FP" (Really? Grandpa's was in...
Goblin Day has come and gone, friends, but I thought I'd show you some of the last week's Halloween treats provided by our always dependable MLS. Some of these will haunt a few spelling-challenged agents to their graves: Scare Tactics and Fanatics  "Seller wants a rabid close" (Thank you, Cujo.)...

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