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There were so many bloopers on the MLS and in local ads this week that smoke signals would have been decidedly clearer. It seems a lot of people simply cannot spell in our native tongue. Thanks to Jane Peters for her great contribution from Trulia. Check out these bloopers, and then you tell me ...
  Okay, all you blogging animals - isn't anyone out there as exhausted from all the blogging "how-to's and must-do's" as I? I have become a bleary-eyed recluse. My computer should be buying me dinner, as it gets more action in one day than I have had in a decade. I have blood-shot eyes and a back...
I had a lot of laughs this week, friends – and most were unintentional. Perhaps the summer sun is causing lethargy. That’s the only excuse I could come up with to explain some of these moronic meanderings. Thanks to Allyson Hoffman for her great contributions from Chicago.  Bumps and Dumps “Nice...
Several clients have called today to wish me a great evening at the Hollywood Bowl. It's West Side Story night, and I am truly looking forward to a great event as we: "celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic film - winner of ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture - as we present a world-...
We may have just taken a holiday, but there certainly was no holiday from real estate bloopers on the MLS, as well as on the web and in local ads. Georgina Hunter  from beautiful Maui found a lovely blooper this week involving valves,  AR's Bruce Walter sent some great gaffes from Indiana, and F...
There must be a run on caskets this week, because a lot of listings were dead upon arrival. Thanks to Jane Peters of L.A. and Wendy Schoof of San Francisco for helping me comb the MLS for these beauties: Who Could Resist? "Famished apt available" (Flummoxed agent soon to be available, too.) "Vie...

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