gaffs: "Call first if bad wetter" - Making a Splash on The MLS - 05/20/11 07:21 AM

I have concluded that proofreading is officially obsolete. In fact, reading itself may have gone the way of the corset. Word is out that I am prowling about trying to catch MLS offenders, but they fear me not. In fact, they are becoming fragrant. Uh, I mean flagrant.
Thanks to Fred Glick of sunny Philadelphia and L.A.'s own Jane Peters for collecting some of this great flotsam and jetsam.  Check out these bloopers:
Off With Their Heads!
"Twilight Open. RSVP. Light sinner served." (Hosted by King Henry VIII, I presume.)
"Wood-brning stoned fireplace" (Bridge-burning stoned agent.)
"Needed: Property shower" (Offered by Scrub-Yo'-Back Realty.)

gaffs: "Celibate in Your New Home" ...And Other MLS Whoppers - 12/11/10 07:55 AM

Well friends, something tells me the holiday parties have begun.  The MLS and local real estate ads are showing signs of a lot of Happy Hour celebration.  Beware of tippling-n-typing over the holidays, or you may end up with egg nog on your face.
Check out these doozies:
Hey, Dude - Newds!
"Newd on market!" (I guess another starlet just hit Hollywood.)
"Be in your home for Newt Year" (But how do you get the party hats to stay on a salamander's head?)
"Walk-out basemen" (Typical song-n-dance man...)
"Free drawling" (Why, thanks, y'all.)
"All new hiny baths" (Uh, I believe … (25 comments)

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