I am finishing up the dotting of i's on my tax return, reconciling all the expense reports for the year.  I have worked on this all weekend and this morning in my twitter feed, what did I find? An expense report from Buzz Aldrin for a trip to the moon. A whopping $33.31.  Travel was cheaper in th...
WHY YOU SHOULD BECOME A HOME OWNER THIS YEAR Think you can’t? Maybe we should talk, that costs nothing Unfortunately, most people who do not own a home, are not completely aware of the enormous benefits. If you don’t have credit, THAT IS OK. When I bought my first home, I didn’t have credit eith...
You never know when you meet a client whether or not you will ever see them again. It is always a blessing when you can help them again, or even become friends. I will be writing 3 posts this month about clients that became much more. This is the 1st of the 3.  This story starts approximately 30 ...
Just had to share. hope these make you smile as they did for me.  Hi Everyone!  Wishing everyone a great day.  On my way to Physical Therapysession.  My goal is to be physically in shape for a one month visit in Mayto the Hawaiian Islands... to my old home, Waikiki, on Oahu and also the BigIsland...

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