Sign on the Dotted Line…In car sales, a salesman can get a whole or half sale. If you walk into the dealership looking for “Dave” but Dave is unavailable that day you can test drive with “Jim” but finalize the sale with “Dave” and the sale would be counted as a half sale for both. Unfortunately, ...
The holiday season is centered around the idea of giving and sharing with friends family and your community.  You give without the expectations of receiving anything return but in our case, we are looking for a reward that does not cost a dime. This year has been a slow dismal year amongst the co...
  (picture above of my mother's house this year) I am sure I am not alone in missing my childhood perspective of the holiday season. The way every tree light, ornament, and garland filled the home with a magical feeling. I was very fortunate growing up and December meant a month of my mother’s Sa...

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