This has been an interesting week as we have been facing a Covid exposure in the office. At this point in the pandemic, we have the protocol down to a T. so with our staff staying away, we have been all separately chipping away at some small but important projects as we look at the end of the mon...
Say the title 5 times fast. From the image above I am sure you already know where this is going. I wanted to talk about the Facebook marketplace! Everyone loves a good deal, I know a fun pass time I have enjoyed for years is thrift store/yard sale browsing in the hopes of finding something worthw...
Accounts From the Assistant: As with everything else in life, things are starting to be geared towards the next generation. The demographic for most of the interaction listings have been receiving are mainly men and women between 25-35 years old. With the way the market has been in favor of first...
I originally wrote an introduction for this month's market update, however, due to a goof, I  lost the entire article. It is still important to provide a glance at the market in my area and I will just have to touch on any other little add-ons tomorrow! So here is our Monthly Market Report: 
Hello Active Rain Community, This week has in short terms been a whirlwind of a time. With both personal and national issues arising I think I speak for my whole team when I say we are working for the weekend. I began Monday with my blog wishing positive change and "not sweating it" But I can ass...
Accounts From The Assistant: Even though I am only 22, when working for a realtor the realistics of investing in a home over renting my townhouse look me in the face on a weekly basis. There are still a few more steps i need to take before I am able to consider putting in any offers, but I am alr...
I am facing one of the common downsides to working in real estate, my listing isn't selling. We all from time to time get a home that just seems to sit. You hold the open houses, You drop the price, you have it staged, and you put it up on every platform imaginable so it's being seen by anyone lo...
Happy New Year Active Rain Community! With 2020 behind us we put our best foot forward hoping 2021 will bring much needed change to the current state of things. As we take this time to think of new beginnings I find myself focusing on one thing in particular and that is working on my marketing te...

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