BUYERS ARE LIARS. We've all heard it before, sometimes it rings true. But even the worst of buyers remain in the Little League when it comes to real, world-class liars. On a quiet day with the Internet at my fingertips, I wondered: "Who are the biggest liars ever?" "What are the biggest lies ever...
ONE OF BUTTE, MONTANA'S oldest and most historic buildings is getting at least one more chance to find a way to keep standing. For 98 years, all the way until 1982, the 42-room downtown structure was an operating brothel. But since it quit providing the services it was built to offer, the Dumas B...
I'VE BEEN READING the news and it has left me with the following feeling: Make sure to take enough time TODAY to do those things really important to you. It seems too many of us spend too much of our time rushing through the day. We all have so many really important things we need to do before th...
MADE IN AMERICA. With the exception of many of us, it is tough to find something that can wear that label these days. As a result, it remains difficult finding a manufacturing job in America. According to an interesting article posted on MSNBC, the United States lost one third of its manufacturin...
COMMUNITIES seem to be a lot like the people who live in them - some are satisfied to let life happen to them while others take life's challenges on as personal challenges. Recent efforts by officials in Niagara Falls, N.Y. is a good example of a city thinking outside the box and looking for some...
DESPITE WHAT YOU may have read lately, the United States continues to be Number One - in a host of different ways. It would be easy to believe the United State is on its knees judging from much of what is being written these days. That simply is just not the case. Since it is the week of our Inde...

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