agent: A Real Estate Agent's Ideal Gift. - 12/12/13 04:51 AM
Picking out gifts for some people seems next to impossible.
They either have it all, don't want anything, or maybe they are a super hero (or villain) by night and that would explain why they are always so mysterious; regardless, it is a challenge.
Luckily, for the real estate agent in your life, gift giving just became much easier.
Sales positions rely on finding the right people that are interested in your 'product'; many people are just browsing, but the other side of that is all the people that are ready to put ink to paper.
Weeding out the browsers from the committers can … (1 comments)

agent: Why Buyer's Agents Matter - 06/02/12 06:09 AM
APPARENTLY, sometimes even offering your services for free isn't enough.
I'm thinking out loud about a report by the National Association of Realtors that states that during November 2011, just 60 percent of the people who purchased a home were represented by an agent. Despite the fact a buyer's agent typically doesn't cost the consumer any money, two out of every five buyers decided to not seek the help of a real estate professional.
Much of the reason for that has to be a buyers ability to now find houses for themselves through the Internet. Let's face it; a buyer can … (1 comments)

agent: A House With Room to Roam - or to Take a Long Hike In - 04/10/12 11:06 PM
As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump
THIS IS A CASE of someone thinking a bit too big - or perhaps even a lot too big. It also is a case of even the rich sometimes not having enough money to build their dreams.
So far, David Siegel, the founder of Westgate Resorts, has spent 50 million on his mansion at Windermere, Fla. According to a recent article in Fortune magazine , the sprawling half-finished home has been put up for sale for a whopping $65 million (that is reduced from the $75 million that was being asked). … (2 comments)

agent: E-Mail or Call? I Have the Answer - 03/24/12 02:46 AM
I HAD a choice. I could email or call. And that got me thinking. Which is the better way to approach a potential client, by email or telephone?
At work the Internet always is nearby and soon I was searching  for studies, articles and opinion in an effort to answer that question. After a bit of time, I felt as if I did.
The answer? Here it is:
Sorry I couldn't get any more specific. Apparently, both serve different functions better than the other.
For example, the telephone call gives you an opportunity to hear the … (9 comments)

agent: Things Not to Do to Become a Great Agent - 03/16/12 12:59 AM
MOST REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS have their own ideas on how to go about being a good agent, they do what they think they need to do and they consider themselves to be among the good ones. But becoming a great agent who receives stellar reviews from former clients has much to do with what you don't do.
Following is a short list of a few of those things an agent shouldn't do. If you catch yourself committing one of the following "sins," well, don't do it anymore.
For starters, don't let clients assume you are going to be their "hands-on" agent if you routinely pass … (42 comments)

agent: Geocaching - Just for the Fun of It - 02/16/12 10:44 PM
Warning: This blog is just for the fun of it.
Anyone interested in seeking hidden treasure? If you have a Smartphone it's easier, and more fun, than you might imagine.
This blog is about setting work aside, having fun, learning something in the process and finding stashed goodies. It's about geocaching. This is a great hobby that is catching on about as quickly as Smartphones. And it can be especially rewarding, and educational, if you have children in your world.
Here's how it works: Anyone with an IPhone, Droid or other Smartphone has within it a GPS positioning system or can easily … (3 comments)

agent: 'Hanging Five' on the tech wave - 02/10/12 12:53 AM
"Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road."
 Stewart Brand
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I've been thinking about the on-going discussion about syndicating listings to on-line sites. It seems to me that we can either surf the technology wave or be washed away by it. But what none of us can do is stop it. Nor would it be wise to try and ignore it.
Does it serve the real estate professional well to post listings on sites like Zillow or
Maybe, maybe not. But I am pretty sure it is not going to … (0 comments)

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