buyers: Liar, Liar ... - 07/14/12 02:02 AM
BUYERS ARE LIARS. We've all heard it before, sometimes it rings true. But even the worst of buyers remain in the Little League when it comes to real, world-class liars.
On a quiet day with the Internet at my fingertips, I wondered: "Who are the biggest liars ever?" "What are the biggest lies ever told?"
Google can answer those questions. There are millions of sites focusing on liars and their lies. At the bottom of this post are links to a couple of my favorites.
Yes, we all lie to some extent sometimes. For example, Did you really thoroughly read Facebook's terms of … (0 comments)

buyers: Leveraging Emotional Triggers to Make a Sale - 04/20/12 01:57 AM
Some time ago we interviewed agents who have been successful working referrals from our service and compiled their suggestions and insights into a brochure we call the "Learn and Earn." We then send that brochure to new agents who begin working with Real Estate Pipeline in hopes that it helps them find a higher level of success with our service.
This is my third posting of information taken from that brochure. My thought in posting it here is that much of that information may be of service to all agents, regardless of how they first make contact with a potential client. Following is … (4 comments)

buyers: Why Aren't More People Buying? - 02/19/12 10:04 PM
Let's see if I have this straight:
Home prices fell in November and hover near recent lows: S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city report, rates for a fixed mortgage remain at an all-time low: Freddie Mac and more people can afford to buy a home now than in decades: NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index.
The country's Gross Domestic Product continues to climb: Bureau of Economic Analysis and the stock market is at the highest level since 2008: Wall Street Journal.  
So, why aren't more people buying a home?
Is this yet something else we can blame on our financial institutions? I'm reading a lot of gripes about overly restrictive lending conditions facing potential homeowners as … (5 comments)

buyers: Long-Term Relationships, not Instant Gratification, is what Real Estate is About - 02/15/12 06:00 AM
Relationships - you can't succeed without them. I'm thinking that is one hard fact we all have in common.
I work with an on-line lead generation service and developing long-term, productive relationships is the key to a decent paycheck. I just got to have them.
So, when I sign someone up to receive leads from our company, I make sure they have the number to the telephone on my desk and my e-mail address. I tell them if they get a closing out of the first lead we send them, I want to know about it. Or, if we send them a bad lead they … (2 comments)

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