missoula: Booming or Just Building - Missoula is on the Move - 06/18/12 12:00 AM
I'M NOT SURE if downtown Missoula is booming, but it sure is building. Construction is all around the downtown area with investors betting that owning space in Missoula is going to pay off.
In the past it has proven to be a safe bet. Our community has a long history of supporting a vibrant downtown area. So when buildings began closing their doors several years ago, the question was asked: "What are we to do about it?"
Apparently that question has been answered. Investors are doubling down on downtown - and I'm just one of the Missoula residents thinking their wagers will … (0 comments)

missoula: Missoula Street Carnival Snubs Cars - 06/03/12 11:34 PM
FOLLOWING IN THE FOOTSTEPS of a famous activity in a Columbian town, Missoulians shut down a main street on Sunday, got out of their cars and enjoyed a street carnival.
For the third time in as many years, downtown's Higgins Avenue became closed to cars for Sunday Street Missoula. Downtown became ultra pedestrian friendly as Higgins Street was turned into a venue for adults and children. Seven blocks of Higgins became crowded with walkers and cyclists taking advantage of the event.
Along with chalk drawing, gymnastics and massive tug of war contests, the kids were treated to ice cream or took advantage of lessons … (2 comments)

missoula: Bike, Walk or Bus - In Missoula It's Time Again to Encourage Healthy Transportation - 04/27/12 02:09 AM
SOMETIMES IT PAYS to leave the car at home. And if you live in Missoula Montana, sometimes it really pays to leave the car at home. That time is now.
Bike Walk Bus Week begins Saturday, April 28 and runs through May 5. For the next seven days in Missoula, those who opt to bike, walk or ride the bus are being rewarded by businesses throughout the community. And area organizations have plenty of fun planned along the way for those who stay out of their car.
Local businesses have been encouraging sustainable transportation through the weeklong event for the past … (0 comments)

missoula: Spring Cleaning in Missoula Focuses on Its River - Again - 04/19/12 01:30 AM
A RIVER still runs through the city of Missoula, Montana and folks here are once again preparing to spend a day making sure that while it's running it doesn't do so through litter and debris. 
For the ninth spring in a row, Missoulians will gather along the river to spend a morning picking littler from its banks. In return, the workers will get free coffee, a sense of community pride and clean river banks. Judging from the turnout every year, there are hundreds of city residents who feel they are adequately compensated for their efforts.
The Clark Fork River flows through the heart of Missoula … (0 comments)

missoula: Route to the Sun Travels Through Much Snow - 04/06/12 02:08 AM
Going to the Sun in Glacier National Park is all about Plowing Through the Snow again this spring.
This week snowplows began their annual effort of clearing a witnter's worth of snow from the road through Glacier Park. They have their work cut out for them.
Currently there is more than 10 feet of snow covering some of the road in higher elevations. Even at lower elevations, the snow is something more than a foot deep. 
Apparently, those snow levels are just about average.
According to a recent article in the Missoulian, the effort began on April 2 with snowplows encountering up to … (2 comments)

missoula: Chinese Investors Offered Visas for Investing in Montana - 03/20/12 11:06 PM
A MISSOULA GROUP is trying a different approach to entice foreigners to invest in projects in Montana - they are offering a fast track to U.S. citizenship.
The Northern Rockies Regional Center was formed last year to offer visas to high worth investors who pledge to send at least $500,000 for projects that create jobs in the area. Currently the center is focusing its efforts on attracting wealthy Chinese interested in living in the United States.
According to the Missoulian, several Chinese investors currently are planning to travel to Missoula this spring to tour an old mill site in downtown Missoula. Local investors have developed the … (1 comments)

missoula: First Friday in Missoula - 03/01/12 10:57 PM
IT IS the first Friday of the month and here in Missoula that means locals will be heading downtown for another First Friday celebration of the arts.
Between 15 to 20 galleries, museums and other downtown businesses will be open from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. to give Missoulians an opportunity to check out new exhibits, visit with artists and business owners and to enjoy another busy evening downtown. 
Along with all of the art to be viewed, there will be music to listen to, appetizers and drink to indulge in and a chance to run into friends, family and co-workers.
This month's … (0 comments)

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