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If it pops into my head, it might come out of my mouth! I've got a weird sense of humor so expect the unexpected when you read my blog. Real Estate is my profession but life is what its all about!



Do I know you?  When I receive a message to call someone that I don't know, it's time for me to go into action!  I want to know something about the person I'm to I do a little research.  Thought sharing my methods might help others ... •·         Google their name. •·         Use swit...
Just saw "The King's Speech" and it brought to mind the communication we do daily.  How do you communicate? As Realtors we love to hear our own voices...but the information we need to hear should be coming from our clients.  Do you ask a question and then REALLY listen for the answer?  Or do you ...
Have you ever had a client tell you that they want a Realtor just like you when you are referring them outbound?  How do you find a "clone" of yourself in the other parts of the country?  Where do you search? We all identify ourselves in many ways....but how do you identify yourself so your perso...
Remember when you were a kid and got so excited if you received something in the mail addressed directly to you?  Who was it from and what did it say?  Seeing my name on the envelope gave me a thrill....well it's still the same today. We sometimes forget that after the transaction is over, the fi...
Blogging has interest me for a while but for some reason I've shied away from putting anything online ... so here's my first blog (ever!). As we all know real estate is about relationships - with humans and houses.  What makes a great relationship?  So many factors but I try to test whether this ...

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