gwynn teal carpenter: Relocating to Austin Texas?? We need to talk.... - 01/07/13 09:08 AM
Austin Texas is a hot market for many things....great place to retire, major companies relocating and lack of apartment rentals.
Early in December, VISA announced a new IT campus in Northwest Austin that will hire approximately 800 people....of course some will transfer here from San Francisco, California but over 500+ will be local hires. 
This comes on top of Apple and General Motors opening new campuses in guess what that does to the rental market??  KVUE, the local ABC news affiliate ran a story today that we are seeing one of the hottest rental market in the state with … (2 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: The website makeover for Home and Hearth Realty - 01/02/13 08:54 AM
The Reveal....Home and Hearth Realty, Inc. of Austin Texas has a new website! 

I love new things!  I especially love them when they come in pretty packages and are FREE.  My brother, Julian Teal of Julian Teal Graphic Design,  in Houston, Texas re-designed our website as a gift to me.  It's easy to use and has terrific information for consumers.
2013 is the year of new beginnings.  If it didn't work in the past, it's not gonna work for us now so out the window it goes...I'm excited for what the new year holds for us.  I'm … (5 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Dirt - 12/29/12 07:16 AM
DIRT! As my daddy once told me they aren't making any more land... so when you find a piece you really like and at a great price- BUY IT!

Raw land is still a great investment. If we had a crystal ball we could all get rich if we just knew where to purchase for the next real estate boom!
HOME AND HEARTH REALTY will guide you as you make decisions about whether it is best to buy an existing home or purchase raw land to build upon in the future. Not everyone is aware that to gain … (2 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Realtor, back away! I can't hold my breath any longer.... - 10/26/12 09:14 AM
As Realtors we talk about how the home must smell sweet so shampoo that carpet, put away the candles and wash the dog....BUT here's a smell most forget about as we work with others - OUR BREATH.
I voted early Tuesday and thought I couldn't stand another moment listening to the gentleman ask if my address was correct and could I sign here...why?  His breath was awful.
 And that got me to remembering one of my constant rituals that I did when I taught math...always brushed my teeth and gargled before class and after lunch.  I had to … (1 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Most Outrageous Real Estate Story from Gwynn Carpenter, Austin Realtor - 10/09/12 08:43 AM

Most Outrageous Real Estate Story from Austin, Texas Realtor
We all know homes sell that have appeal and great smells!  Unfortunately the home we sold several years ago had none of that...and it was located in an "iffy" area of town - rarely did homes sell due to the location.
One of our dearest friends' brother passed away and we agreed to help get the home ready to sell.  The brother had a hermit lifestyle with hoarding tendencies.  Many think hoarders do it with paper or food....rarely do they imagine hoarders collect pets as the thing they hoard.

gwynn teal carpenter: Pflugerville Texas...what's in a name! - 07/05/12 09:34 AM
Pflugerville Texas...what's in a name!
Don't pronounce that's really Flugerville (the P is silent).  This small city is growing leaps and bounds.  In the 2000 census the population was 16, forward to 2010 Census and 46, 936 folks called this home.  What a giant almost doubled in size in 10 years.
Pflugerville is a suburb of Austin Texas.  It was settled in the mid 1800 by a German immigrant named Henry Pfluger, Sr.  Many Pfluger's still live in the area.  One happens to be a Realtor.
As this small city grows so does the businesses.  One such business … (2 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Pick your chin off the floor in Austin Texas! - 06/28/12 07:24 AM
Pick your chin off the floor in Austin Texas!
36 hours after we listed an Austin Texas home, an offer came through on our email.  Well written, lender letter attached and our clients excited!
We talk, we discuss, we calculate, we check the calendar and then we send back a counter with only two major changes....closing date changed by one day (our clients' travel schedule dictated that change) and buyer must purchase their own survey (our company doesn't pass along previous surveys - company policy).
The buyers' response was to arrive by 6 pm the following day.  Buyer's agent said he … (25 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Well kept secret: VA Program that help Veterans and surviving Spouses - 06/20/12 07:50 AM
Another Nugget for those who work with Seniors in their quest to stay in their homes ..
I drive for the North Austin Caregivers in Austin Texas.  I've driven for approximately ten years.  It's a joy to visit with the elderly as I drive them to the doctor, grocery store, recreation center or any place they need to go. 
I believe this is a great way to Pay It Forward as I too might need help in the future.
North Austin Caregivers newsletter came to my inbox today and had this "nugget" of information that just seemed like the … (7 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Public Shame Works Everytime! - 06/19/12 02:40 AM
Public Shame works EveryTime!
I wrote a blog  this past weekend about "What Clients Can Teach Us".  This is a follow up to that post...

....and please read the first post as Erv Fleishman, Luxury Prop Specialist Realty Associates (Realty Associates) added a comment that had me "rolling on the floor laughing"!
Lunch with my clients got my mind churning with a good blog.  My client   (the wife) sent me an update on the shower head being too tall for a short woman to's what she had to say:
"So, after … (6 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: What Clients Can Teach You! - 06/16/12 10:15 AM
What Clients Can Teach You!
Had lunch with clients today.  Always interested in their take on the new home they choose AFTER they have moved in....and their new neighborhood.
So here's what I "gleamed" from their Hind Sight Wisdom:
·        Don't believe what the neighbors tell you before you just might not coincide with the actual facts as you experience it.
·        Hot water heaters located a long way from the master might take a while to arrive at its destination..while you shiver in the shower.
·        Shower heads 8 feet tall doesn't work for a 5 foot woman … (6 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: My Mobile Phone is my Mobile Office! - 06/16/12 12:52 AM
My Mobile Phone is my Mobile Office!
I "fought" getting a fancy smart phone for so long but when my old phone died several years ago little did I know the great feeling I would have of "letting go" of feeling like I was missing out if I weren't actually at my desk so I could check my email, MLS or any other site.
My HTC Thunderbolt has allowed me to continue great service to not only my clients but to my agents as well.  I can connect immediately via text or email....I anticipate what might be needed and actually … (4 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Pitfalls of the Multiple Offer Atmosphere - 06/02/12 11:49 PM
Pitfalls of the Multiple Offer Atmosphere
It's happened again!  We are in one of those real estate markets where we are seeing homes with multiple offers.  In Austin Texas, the market is so sizzling hot that it isn't unusual to have more than 2 offers on a fantastic priced and conditioned home.
So what are the pitfalls?  We welcome this type of real estate market as long as all the parties know what the pitfalls are.
·        Being greedy.  As a seller you want the most money out of the sale of your home but you can get greedy....greediness leads … (3 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Forgive Me It's Been 19 days since I blogged.... - 04/27/12 07:38 AM
Forgive Me It's Been 19 days since I blogged....
Blogging fell by the way side when "bidness" (that's country Southern talk) became brisk.  I found I needed to be away from the home office more so blogging just went down the drain.

I missed all you folks!  I thought often of the characters that I have come to know well during the last year and half.  I missed our late evening, early morning "chats".... my brain wasn't expanding like it use to.

I found myself talking to real live people...those who wanted to know what was happening with … (5 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Buyers - Be Prepared....Hot! Hot! Hot! The market is sizzling in Austin Texas! - 04/05/12 10:05 AM
Buyers - Be Prepared....Hot! Hot! Hot! The market is sizzling in Austin Texas!
Can I tell you how excited I am that the real estate market has turned from simmering to SIZZLING in Austin Texas? 

We've been watching and talking about the low interest rates and low inventory for several months .... and wondered when supply and demand would catch up to each other.  Well it has!

Buyers need to be ready with pre-approval in hand, belt tightened for limited negotiations and several houses chosen in case they aren't the "lucky ones" selected when they place an … (0 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Smart Phone Apps that appeal to Austin Texas Realtor! - 04/05/12 09:34 AM
Smart Phone Apps that appeal to Austin Texas Realtor!
It took a while before I "jumped" into the deep end of the smart phone world but now that I am here I thought I'd share some smart phone apps (I have an HTC Thunderbolt) that help make me feel safer or work more efficiently:

·        Advanced Task Killer- this app helps save space on your phone by "killing" those other apps that run in the back ground without your knowledge "eating" up your battery life.

·        Flashlight - duh!  How many times have you gone in a vacant … (3 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: "Keep Austin Weird" Icon Leslie has passed away! - 03/08/12 03:02 AM
"Keep Austin Weird"  Icon Leslie has passed away!

We mourn the passing of Leslie Cochran, 60, of Austin Texas who died today, March 8, 2012.  Leslie was the poster man of Keep Austin Weird.  You could see him around town wearing his favorite thong, women's high heel shoes and bra....sometimes he added a tutu to his ensemble.

Leslie will be missed.  His charm and presence made the tourist seek him out.  Many folks just had to have their picture taken with Leslie...I unfortunately never had the pleasure but saw him frequently over the years around Austin, especially … (0 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Austin Texas Relocation - where to live, what to do! - 03/07/12 08:44 AM
Austin Texas Relocation - where to live, what to do!
As a newcomer to any city, the easier the move becomes when you know where the malls are located, great restaurants, school districts, parks and more.
So how do you achieve the "I've made the right relocation decision"?
In Austin Texas, relocation is made easier by reading THE COMMUNITY IMPACT.  This newspaper covers different areas of town.  You can get it sent electronically or pick it up around town in paper print.
THE COMMUNITY IMPACT covers an array of subjects - all relevant to newcomers deciding … (4 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Where's George??? Cool and fun website for all! - 02/28/12 07:25 AM
Where's George???  Cool and fun website for all!
Remember back in your youth when you wrote things on dollar bills and gave them to your friends?  Remember thinking you just broke the law by defacing that dollar bill?  Well today I received a dollar bill in change....on it was stamped www.WHERESGEORGE.COM.
I had heard about this website several years ago but never checked it out.  You can register and put into circulation the serial # of most bills to track where it has been over the course of the bill's life!  This is a cool and fun … (2 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Did you hear about the hidden treasure found in a renovation? - 02/21/12 07:48 AM
Did you hear about the hidden treasure found in a renovation?

We hide things.  That's just who we are as humans.  I bet you have things hidden in your house that you don't wish others to find.
How about finding a treasure worth $1.7 million?  It could fact it did - in a restaurant that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was renovating in Manchester, England.
Story goes that hundreds of safe deposit boxes were found in the basement of former Midland Bank by construction workers.  Some of these boxes have been traced back to … (5 comments)

gwynn teal carpenter: Early Spring in Austin Texas.... - 02/20/12 08:38 AM
Early Spring in Austin Texas....
Cool nights, warm days, sunny, cloudy and rain....early spring has arrived in Austin Texas!
May these lovely trees and shrubs lift your spirit as they have done to mine...

Want to find a home with trees and flowering shrubs in the Austin Texas Area?  Give Gwynn Teal Carpenter, Broker of Home and Hearth Realty a call at (512)467-6191 or send a message to

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