realtor: Silent! Close your mouth and listen.....this from an Austin Texas Realtor - 09/18/12 04:50 AM
Silent!  Close your mouth and listen.....this from an Austin Texas RealtorMy parents always told me that "silence is golden".  I know they did this because as a youngster I talked too  much.  Even my elementary report cards had "talks too much" checked each 6 weeks. 
So as a Realtor one of the important components of my business has been to 'close my mouth and listen'.  It's amazing what you hear from your clients, your colleagues and your partner when you listen.  Others want to fill that silent void so they just spout out "important" information without realizing it.....and this goes … (20 comments)

realtor: Smart Phone Apps that appeal to Austin Texas Realtor! - 04/05/12 09:34 AM
Smart Phone Apps that appeal to Austin Texas Realtor!
It took a while before I "jumped" into the deep end of the smart phone world but now that I am here I thought I'd share some smart phone apps (I have an HTC Thunderbolt) that help make me feel safer or work more efficiently:

·        Advanced Task Killer- this app helps save space on your phone by "killing" those other apps that run in the back ground without your knowledge "eating" up your battery life.

·        Flashlight - duh!  How many times have you gone in a vacant … (3 comments)

realtor: Why you need a REALTOR when building a home! - 02/05/12 07:17 AM
Why you need a REALTOR when building a home!

What does it cost you?  NOTHING!!  The builder pays the REALTOR commission and has no impact on the final cost of your home.
Builders expect and encourage Realtor participation.  They know that a knowledgeable REALTOR will make for an improved transaction.  As a matter of fact, if you don't use the professional services of a REALTOR it could cost you.
·         Using an experienced REALTOR you will have someone working for you.  The builder acts as the listing agent and has a wealth of knowledge.  

realtor: Home and Hearth Realty gives you Tips on choosing your Realtor: - 01/17/12 12:26 PM

realtor: The Perfect "REAL ESTATE" Storm - 01/16/12 12:15 PM
The Perfect "REAL ESTATE" Storm

As you remember a movie by that title showed when many things come together it creates a "perfect storm".
A perfect "real estate" storm rains upon all parties when
·       the buyers appreciates the condition of the home they are purchasing
·       sellers negotiates with understanding of both sides
·        the co-operating Realtor is a consummate professional
·       both lender & title company exceed expectations.
Dec. 30th that perfect storm happened for our clients when we closed on the sale of their home at 1803 Verbena Way in Round Rock, … (0 comments)

realtor: Write your WILL....It doesn't mean you're going to DIE IMMEDIATELY! - 01/08/12 12:38 PM
Write your WILL....It doesn't mean you're going to DIE IMMEDIATELY!
Writing your will doesn't mean you are going to die immediately.  It means you are being proactive and making the decision to pass on your worldly goods to the ones you love (or dislike).
If you die testate that's good!  It means you have a valid will.
Dying intestate means you DON'T HAVE A WILL!  O your relatives are going to be "ticked off" at you and you won't be around to enjoy it. If you don't have a will then all kinds of complications can set … (7 comments)

realtor: Dear Realtor....Open Letter from a Seller - 12/11/11 11:31 AM
Dear Realtor....Open Letter from a Seller
Dear Realtor - We want to thank you for showing our home.  Our own Realtor took time to explain how our home must look as a buyer enters to view.
We appreciated you leaving your business card - had you not done so we would not have known you had been here.  
Making sure all the doors were re-locked before you left was re-assuring.  We live in a safe neighborhood but like to feel secure as we enter our home after dark.
Feedback would be awesome when our Realtor contacts you via phone … (4 comments)

realtor: "Bye-Bye".... - 12/06/11 10:50 PM
Bet you thought I was going somewhere - NOT! Just my clever way of giving out info about when a seller leaves the home vacant!
Seller who will:
·       take care of the yard?  Have you thought about the fact the grass that is being watered by the sprinkler system will continue to grow and need mowing at least every 7-10 days?
·       pick up the newspaper?  Did you remember to stop your subscription?  Those papers aren't gonna get read by you anymore so make that call.
·       clean that pool?  You took the kids with you so now … (10 comments)

realtor: Silly Me....Silly You! - 10/20/11 06:14 AM
Silly me, silly you is to promote the laughter we as Realtors need to retain as this career path we've chosen can be stressful.  So I decided today instead of ranting or whining or cursing about what's gone wrong in real estate that I would share one of those Austin Texas Realtor silly me episodes!
     Several years back (I was younger and more agile) I previewed a home
     that had a higher than normal wood privacy fence.  (Yes, you can see
     where this is going already)......and this home had one of those … (2 comments)

realtor: Austin Texas Realtor says...Where has the time gone? - 07/12/11 12:36 PM

The year is almost over....come on we're well into the middle of July and only 5 months away from Christmas! I remember when time stood still as a child and now it roars past me like a blur.

Where has the time gone? Well for me, my last post was June 26- please forgive me. I seemed to remember I was a Realtor as the closings began to happen, buyers came out of the dark and sellers called to say can you come see my home for a possible sale?

Head down, fingers to the keyboard and … (2 comments)

realtor: So you want to be a Realtor?! Let's review my day..... - 06/24/11 12:31 PM
Folks think being a Realtor is all about showing homes.  How small minded that is....a typical Realtor day is anything but.  What you had planned probably doesn't go the way you think - so here's a bird's eye view of what today was like for me.
Sleep to 7:15.... reality:  my partner called at 5:45 am cause she's at a financial seminar in Orlando, Fl and wanted to talk to me about something before she had to be at the seminar. So much for sleeping.
Get ready for the day....reality:  phone rang in the middle of getting ready so I forgot … (9 comments)

realtor: Hey Consumer! Can We Talk #3?? - 05/25/11 01:44 PM
Hey Consumer!  Can We Talk #3??
We see many articles written about what a buyer needs to do before beginning the search for a new home.  What happens next??  So here's some tips for buyers about searching for that "ideal" home:
•·         Give a detailed description to your Realtor about the items you must have in a home; excited about if they were part of the home and "pie in the sky" items that would make you scream "hallelujah" !
•·         Keep the first couple of outings to no more than 6-8 homes .... you will be "brain dead" if you … (14 comments)

realtor: Words, Words, Words! - 05/23/11 12:37 PM
Words, Words, Words!
Real Estate transactions can be smoooooth or messy!  I call little hiccups in a transaction "snakes" - they can be either harmless garner snakes or boa constrictors that squeeze the life out of everyone involved. 
The words we choose as Realtors play a big part of how smooth a transaction proceeds.  If we choose harsh words, then we're mostly going to get harsh reactions....if we choose words that leave open a way out, then we get a better reaction.
I describe to my clients (buyers or sellers) that a transaction is all about compromise....the buyer has to compromise … (9 comments)

realtor: Shout out to my agents! - 05/21/11 09:13 AM
Shout out to my agents! 
After reading Barbara Todaro's latest post (When The Phone Rings From A Google Search It's Always An Adrenalin Rush!!!  ), I decided it was time to give a shout out to my agents!
We are a small firm with only 5 total agents (including yours truly, me - the broker).  Our clients are mostly referrals from all our spheres of influence...although occasionally I've received calls about our listings that have turned into clients.
•·         Judy Stroud, my partner, co-owner and most experienced Realtor-13 years (besides me) is the "judy of all trades"...she manages the office … (9 comments)

realtor: Austin Texas Realtor Tidbits and Other Interesting "THANGS"! - 05/02/11 01:43 PM
Austin Texas Realtor Tidbits and Other Interesting "THANGS"!
Lists of things seem to be a good post for thought I would share 5 items that I have found to help me in real estate and just living....
•·        Sticky pad - these nifty items can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Batteries Plus.  You apply them to your dash board and they will hold anything in place.  I have them in both truck and car, place my phone, lockbox key, keys, glasses or paper on them as I drive AND THEY DON'T FALL OFF!  And the best part … (8 comments)

realtor: Vacation Time has arrived for this Austin Texas Realtor! - 04/10/11 03:20 PM
Vacation Time has arrived for this Austin Texas Realtor!
I’m gonna try and keep up with reading, commenting and maybe a post or two while gone on vacation. But if you miss me this week try looking either in the red dirt around Hot Springs Arkansas where I will be “mining” for quartz crystals

or enjoying the Arkansas Derby (it’s what I call the poor person’s Kentucky Derby). 

I get to enjoy nature and animals while re-charging my energy for the upcoming REAL ESTATE SEASON.
Hurrah..I’ve made it to the State of Arkansas without mishap!


realtor: Chocolates are Yummy! - 03/31/11 04:29 PM

Chocolates are Yummy…Especially when received as a gift!  Got to the office today and found a package at my door.  Not expecting anything so was pleasantly surprised to see it was from a former /current client that I’ve been working with for over a year. 
My clients sold their home (FSBO) several years ago and moved to Hawaii.  After a few years in Hawaii they decided to return to Austin to be near family….and this time they used me as their Realtor.  Just over a year in their Austin home they decided they missed the warm Hawaiian weather, … (10 comments)

realtor: Consumers....Can we talk? - 03/27/11 01:53 AM
Consumers...can we talk?  What are you waiting for?  An engraved invitation?
Real estate agents are waiting for you to call.  Lenders are waiting for you to call.  And your family definitely is waiting for you to call!
Waiting on the fence will get you nothing more than splinters or a good sun burn if you're in the state of Texas!
There are such great deals waiting for you....and I'm not talking about foreclosures or short sales (you've got to have a strong stomach to tackle one of those puppies as your purchase transaction).
I'm talking about sellers who have spruced up … (12 comments)

realtor: Do you have what it takes to be a Home Owner? - 03/20/11 10:13 PM
Do you have what it takes to be a HOME OWNER?
Is the American Dream of owning a home right for you?  If you are up for the challenge here's things that you can use to measure what's right for you....owning a home or being a renter.

•·         A home must have constant care.  Repairs don't just mysteriously get done. 
•·         The internal workings of a home such as Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical should have a professional service call annually to keep them in good condition.  This is an expense that you must put in your budget … (8 comments)

realtor: Communication - what did you say?? - 01/23/11 07:56 AM
Just saw "The King's Speech" and it brought to mind the communication we do daily.  How do you communicate?
As Realtors we love to hear our own voices...but the information we need to hear should be coming from our clients. 
Do you ask a question and then REALLY listen for the answer?  Or do you assume what is going to be said?  Did you hear all that your client wanted you to hear?
Communication is more than the sound of one's voice. Do you read body language?
•·         If you see your clients eyes roll back into their head, I think … (4 comments)

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