realtors: Realtor, back away! I can't hold my breath any longer.... - 10/26/12 09:14 AM
As Realtors we talk about how the home must smell sweet so shampoo that carpet, put away the candles and wash the dog....BUT here's a smell most forget about as we work with others - OUR BREATH.
I voted early Tuesday and thought I couldn't stand another moment listening to the gentleman ask if my address was correct and could I sign here...why?  His breath was awful.
 And that got me to remembering one of my constant rituals that I did when I taught math...always brushed my teeth and gargled before class and after lunch.  I had to … (1 comments)

realtors: A Realtor is like a Pillow! - 01/28/12 12:38 PM
A Realtor is like a Pillow!
We all like having a pillow cushion our heads when we lay down or to tuck behind our backs to supportus in times of need or to hold when we watch a tear jerk movie as it gives us comfort. 
Well so does a Realtor....we cushion the words that might be said in a stressful situation or we supportour clients when they are so unsure of what they are doing or we give them comfort when emotions become too much during the transaction.
We are the Pillows of Real Estate... or is that … (8 comments)

realtors: Working the breakfast crowd at Waterloo in Austin, Texas - 01/26/12 01:07 PM
Working the breakfast crowd at Waterloo in Austin, Texas

I love mentoring my young agents.  Waterloo Ice House is one of my favorite places to eat breakfast - it's like Cheers where everyone knows my name!

Today as we were meeting to discuss upcoming advertising opportunities, two customers gave us an opening to hand out cards and show case our knowledge.  When you least expect it opportunities arise...

My young agent is politically invested in Austin.  She once worked with Governor Ann Richards and has kept her political doors open.  Transportation and housing are … (0 comments)

realtors: Meeting and Sharing with Active Rain Realtors! - 12/15/11 10:22 AM
Meeting and Sharing with Active Rain Realtors!   My day was made brighter today when I got to meet 4 wonderful Austin area Realtors who just happen to be Active Rain Members.  I knew Dorie Dillard already....we worked at the same Brokerage firm when I was a "newbie" to the real estate world.  It's always a treat to visit with Dorie.   Then I was blessed to break bread (Hamburgers and Turkey Burgers) with Russell Lewis                                                   Donna Harris                     and Lainie Ramsey.            Sharing tips, gossip and where we hang our license was very enjoyable.   And the surprise gift was … (6 comments)

realtors: Volunteer Time for Austin Realtor - 10/24/11 03:21 PM
Volunteer Time for Austin Realtor
As a Realtor I want to give back to my community so I chose ten years ago to drive for the North Austin Caregivers.  This organization helps the elderly get to doctor's appointments, shop for groceries, take pets to vet clinics, small repairs, attend classes at churches and much more. 
Last Thursday, Oct. 20, North Austin Caregivers held their 7th annual Coffee Talk Fundraiser.  Genuine Joes in the Crestview n'borhood of North Austin hosted the fundraiser.  The coffee, tea and yummy brownies were a treat for all.
A silent auction was held as well … (6 comments)

realtors: Open House: 1-3 pm Aug. 7 at 4807 Shoalmont Austin, Tx. - 08/06/11 10:28 AM
Austin Texas Open House:  Rosedale Bungalow nestled in the " of Austin"!
Sunday, August 7 between 1-3 pm, pencil in our open house at 4807 Shoalmont and then bring a friend....

·         Wood floors that tickle your bare feet
·         Moderinized vintage "Pottery Barn" style bath
·         Stroll among the flowers and shrubs on gravel paths in the back yard
·         Back porch swing for late evening relaxation
·         Neighbor friendly plank fence surrounds front lawn
·         Walk for coffee
2 bedrooms, 1 bath listed for $325,000 and waiting for … (6 comments)

realtors: Texas Real Estate License Act has changed! - 06/23/11 06:33 AM
I'm excited!   
We have changes coming to the Texas Real Estate License Act.  Texas Association of REALTORS® continually supports reforms that revamps the TREA....and I appreciate it very much.
So what makes me excited, you ask?  One simple thing....A salesperson must be licensed four years, up from two, to obtain a broker's license.
I've always thought that a person who can get a Broker's license after only 2 years in the business was a liability waiting to happen!  Can you remember what you were like after only two years in real estate?  What you knew most likely could have … (8 comments)

realtors: Hey Austin Texas Area Consumer: I have connections! - 06/11/11 07:45 AM
Hey Austin Texas Area Consumer:  I have connections!
Blue Bell Ice Cream located in Brenham Texas runs an ad with a grandfather answering his granddaughter's question with "Grampa has connections".

Well, I have connections too!  You don't have to prowl the internet looking for a Realtor.  I have connections!  Trust worthy people!  Knowledgeable people!  People who can guide you!  A quick email
( or phone call (512-467-6191)                    will get you set up with one of the AWESOME ACTIVE RAIN members in any part of the United States or Canada.

Moving to another country, state or city can be intimidating....Let's put you … (6 comments)

realtors: Unusual Service! Do you have an unused Bedroom available? - 06/08/11 03:31 AM
Unusual Service! Do you have an unused Bedroom available?

We Realtors are known for our service - some more than others.  Service comes in many it great communication, stopping for water/potty breaks during outings to view property,

running around town to get papers signed that were overlooked during the initial "make an offer" sitting and then there's the ultimate:  Letting a client stay in your home before a closing or after one!
What you ask (with a shake of your head)!!?  No way will I do this!  Well I have. 
Not once but three times … (6 comments)

realtors: Hey Consumer....Can We Talk (#2) - 04/19/11 06:29 PM
Hey Consumer....Can We Talk (#2)
Did you know that as Realtors we can give you "general real estate advice" that will work most anywhere in the United States?
Did you know that as Realtors we have a duty to treat everyone fairly?
Did you know that as Realtors we can help you find a good agent anywhere in the USA?
Did you know that your lender might not be able to help you if you are living in another state than the one where your lender is located?
Did you know that "being local matters"?
Did you know your choice of … (8 comments)

realtors: Funnest thing I've seen in a while! - 04/13/11 03:08 PM
Today I had an opportunity to go to a Home Depot Store in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This isn’t unusual as I shop at the ‘Depot frequently … I am in Real Estate you know and Realtors hang out at these places to pick up clients!!
Just as I pulled into the parking lot, a woman walked in front of me with a paper sack hat on her head to shield her from the sun… she was shopping the garden section so I can only assume this was the bonnet of the day for her.  I’m still laughing at the image.
Wished … (18 comments)

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