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I see a lot of statistics and info on the blogs here in AR but I want to explain why living here on the East Coast of Florida can be so special. First off we have two huge NASCAR Races, the Daytona 500 and Pepsi 400 every year, the ROLEX 24, we have BIKEWEEK, Biketober Fest, and of course Spring ...
When I was a little girl we would track Santa through the radio or tv on Christmas Eve. The announcer would say where Santa was in the world and the closer he got to what ever state I was living in at the time, the easier it was for my parents to get me to go bed! Here we are in the age of the in...
 Yesterday I wrote about Counting Our Blessings, basically because the weather here was supposed to be rainy all weekend and I wanted to ride, but then realized that hey I'm where I am supposed to be and not stuck in some airport trying to get home for the holiday.Well! The weatherman was right, ...
Good Morning All!My most favorite Christmas movie of all time is White Christmas, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Ellen, what a cast! The singing, dancing and what a story line! What does one do with a retired General? Every time I watch this film it brings tears to my eyes... whe...
You like to watch wildlife in their environment? How bout a nice round of golf on that day in December when you find the temperature is going to be 77º?  I think I know of a perfect place for you, and I only work there. Pelican Bay, one of a few gated communities in the Daytona Beach area of Flor...
Boy, I don't know about anyone else, but it sure burns my butt when I see "Xmas" instead of Christmas anywhere anymore. Last year while shopping in a Florida Dept Store I walked by their ornament section and there were handwritten price tags with "X-mas Ornament $4.99" I turned and walked out wit...
Working at Century 21 Sundance has been a great experience in more ways then one. I basically fell into my position because I rented a home from them upon arriving in Florida January of 2003.  I began at our Ormond Beachside location which overlooks the ocean. How can you beat a job like that? Th...
And are wondering who Mickey Jones is, no its not the guy from the Monkeys but.. Mickey was Bob Dylan and Kenny Rogers drummer. You'll remember him best from Home Improvement. Here is his photo. Nicest guy with a heart 10 times the size of Texas. Don't take my word for it, come meet him for yours...

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