This video was video was put together by a 15 yr old girl named Lizzie Palmer in support of our troops. I've decided to share it will you on this weekend as it has already recieved over 3 million hits today alone. It is not all pleasant, please be warned now. It is not for the weak or faint at he...
I finally have some good news regarding the major Florida Wildfires I've told you about previously! Let start with updates: The Bugaboo Fire is 80% contained!  It is still burning, but it is burning inside of itself and has not jumped the  containment lines. The people who have been evacuated are...
I need to start this particular post by saying  ~No Parent Deserves To Have Their Child Kidnapped.Please keep in mind, I am not writing this to judge the parents of this beautiful child. Things are done different in other countries. I hope and pray that this little angel is found safe and reunite...
My day was a bit different today, it started out the same as usual though. I got to the office and went out back to feed my "canal critters", as I walked back to the office I almost stepped on something green on the sidewalk. As I looked closer it was a tiny bird. I went to see if it was alive an...
Do you have a problem with stray cats using your yard as a "litter box" I've just learned of a really low cost way to handle this problem! Keep in mind it, the animals won't take the hint right away. The process is a little "slow" at taking effect. It appears to work though. You, as the homeowner...
The smoke isn't so bad here in Daytona Beach today. We have what's left of Sub Tropical Storm Andrea of our coast that blew the smoke somewhere else and I thought our Airport Road Fire was out.                                                                                     NOT SO.            ...
If you read my post Smoke From A Not So Distant Fire post this week you know all about our (Volusia and Flagler Counties) now named "Airport Fire". I updated that post last night with the following:OUR AIRPORT ROAD FIRE IS ONLY SMOKING AS OF TODAY 5/8 DESPITE OUR HIGH WINDS. FIREFIGHTERS SET 300 ...
  Fourteen miles from the Century 21 Sundance Pelican Bay office and twelve miles from where Steve and I live there is a wildfire burning on the border of the Volusia and Flagler County lines. (Graphic courtesy of the Daytona News Journal)  The smoke from the fire can cover our county depending o...
When I was a kid, 4th or 5th grade I used to get National Geographic's magazine for kids, I think it was called "World" then, and I loved it. It had great articles on archeology that kids could understand, it even explained hieroglyphics and all sorts of amazing things. Now, keep in mind at this ...

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