Where has the year gone? It seems like Christmas was just last month and now here we are, its almost the Fourth Of July!  I know it seems like the state of Florida has seen a lot of rain during the month of June. The sad fact remains that we are still very dry folks. We need to be very careful wh...
   Happy 1st Birthday Active RainFrom Orlando Florida!   We had so much fun at Logan's Roadhouse yesterday! Meeting the other Florida Blogglers in person was a HOOT! Getting to Logan's was a bit of a challenge, following the directions Google provided however.. Coming from Daytona on I4, Google s...
If you stopped by and read A Challenge To You! you know about the St. Jude Radiothon that we had here in Daytona this week. Our Bikes and Blues Committee was invited to join the DJ's in the studio this morning to talk about our St. Jude events that we held in April and how much money we raised, a...
Today and tomorrow WHOG.FM here in Daytona Beach is having a St. Jude Radiothon. I challenge you to listen for 1/2 hour, while you are at your computer, just 1/2 hour. Click here on the link WHOG.FM to listen. The stories you will hear are both happy and sad, but they are all true. St. Jude does ...
Did you think we were on vacation from our St. Jude Fund Raising? Nope! We've already begun meetings for next years events! We need more sponsors and more ideas. We won't get that by taking time off. We did run into a snag with one vendor and had to wait to get our money back from the vendor befo...
Late December to early March is known as Snow-Bird Season in Florida. People that live up north most of the year spend 3 or 4 months here in Florida away from the bitter cold and snow. Some of these Snow-Birds aren't human, they are the Northern Atlantic Right Whales. They spend their summers in ...
I went out to feed the Pelican Bay critters when I arrived at work on Wednesday and was greeted by an old friend, the Great Blue Heron. She looked a bit frazzled and hungry. She nailed two fish rather quickly, but my camera was in the office.     I looked across the water and saw two ducks swimmi...
On Saturday Cyndee Haydon posted In Clearwater, Florida ~ Who left that Fowl Trail? then I followed her lead with My Photos Of Some Florida Birds, I showed you a photo of a Brown Thrasher nesting. Monday morning I arrived at work to find a young man cutting the hedges, right where the nest was. M...
Cyndee Haydon just wrote a great post Who left that Fowl Trail? about our wonderful "Birding Trails" here in Florida. I thought I would follow up on her blog with some photo's I've taken of some of the beautiful birds that you might see when you come to Florida. Our Century 21 Sundance Daytona of...

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