Hopefully the Lunsford family can sleep a little easier tonight.The judge just gave John Couey, the man that buried little Jessica Lunsford alive the death penalty. I wonder, how long will he sit on Death Row. How long does it take the state of Florida to put a sentenced person to death? Why do m...
Florida has 4 separate categories for license plates when you go to their Speciality Plates web page.  The catagories and total plates are: ENVIRONMENTAL ~ 18 MISCELLANEOUS ~ 40 PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ~ 9 UNIVERSITIES ~ 36 Including our standard Florida State license plate seen above this brings us ...
 To help someone all alone in a strange town and a strange situation. I wrote about this orginally in my post Working Across The Miles To Help One In Need. Our (Century 21 Sundance) customer Miss E. was traveling alone from Missouri to Florida to move into her newly purchased home and along the w...
    This is an AMERICAN ANHINGA OR SNAKE-BIRD.   She has been living (or lived) in a tree by my Century 21 Sundance office for at least the last year, hunting for her daily meals in the pond/canal. She is different from any other water foul I've ever witnessed swim before.       You see, she swim...
 A big tourist draw for Daytona Beach is the fact that people can drive their cars on the beach, just park right where they want to & hang out for the day.  You don't have to fight for parking in a parking lot then lug your cooler, blankets, chairs and surfboards or other toys from the parking lo...
 I received a call today from a Century 21 office in Illinois, the name of the brokerage is Century 21 House Of Realty, the caller, Denise.Denise asked me to bear with her and her strange tale, but she had a call from a lady in a near by hospital and was trying to assist her in her quest. Apparen...
"I'm Not Sure What It Is" When Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Mark Hudson wrote this song, they were writing of the "state of the world", "racism" & "religion". When I hear parts of this song, like the opening verse I think of something different..  You see right now three people close to me are fig...
  On Sunday afternoons Steve and I like to get on our Shovel Head and go for a ride. We'll go to one of our favorite hangouts where we know there is good food, good people and cold drinks.           Our favorite is the White Eagle Lounge in Korona, about a 15 minute ride north on US 1 from where...

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