Welcome to Bike Week 2008! The first weekend of Bike Week looks to be absolutley beautiful for riding, sunny and warm. Good news after the last couple days of highs in the 40s and 50s.  My favorite WX site to use to check our local forcast is from the National Weather Service but for some reason ...
Some of you know that I am a committee member for the Bikes And Blues With Mickey Jones events that benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and Big Mike Griffin is also one of our members!  Being on the Bikes and Blues committee is how I got to meet Big Mike and his lady Miss Emilie last y...
My buddy Big Mike Griffin is headed back to the Volusia County area for Bike Week 2008 but will be playing at different venue this year. This year you will be able to find Big Mike at the Broken Spoke Saloon on US 1 in Ormond Beach on Sunday March 2nd 1PM-7PM, Wednesday March 5th 1PM -7PM, Thursd...
When I posted Pelican Bay Shenanigans ~ The Video, Carol Smith of Toledo came by with the comment and I quote "But the Great Blue Herons are so pretty to watch.  They operate in a stealth mode that the military should study."How right she is! The grace of this bird in flight with a wing span of a...
You really liked the photos I took in my post titled Pelican Bay Shenanigans so I thought I would share with you some video I took of my two feathered friends.Sometimes it is hard to believe what people tell you.. You know.. like when they tell you a two foot bird chases them? That's almost like ...

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