I know I am so far behind and I am so sorry! Life has a funny way of catching up to me sometimes!My dad came in last Wednesday and we had a great time together. We even went in search of Right Whales on Friday but the weather was not very cooperative. It was windy and cold (by Florida standards a...
The Marineland Right Whale Project celebrated it's seven year anniversary of it's first whale sighting on Friday, January 18th with sightings of two mothers and calf's!The first pair were sighted by one of the Projects survey volunteers who was at her post near "Clicker Beach" which is close to H...
Last evening I received permission from Joy Hampp and Jim Hain to post a photo of Arpeggio and her calf. It is the property of Jim Hain and The Marineland Right Whale Project and was taken by Joy at Beverly Beach, FL on December 10th. They estimate the baby was at least 6 days old in the photo.I ...
 Up until now, our whale sighting reports have been zero since January 1st.Nothing, nada, zilch...I went in search of our famous mother/baby duo on Saturday, January 5th and found nothing.I even called Jim Hain, Scientist from Woods Hole, Woods Hole, Massachusetts to see if they (him and Joy Hamp...
Lately one of my feathered friends here at the Pelican Bay Century 21 Office has ~ shall we say ~ become very "territorial" Last summer I wrote about him in Lunchtime At The Canals Of Pelican Bay. At that time I thought HE was a SHE. I've gotten a lot closer since then and realized he is a HE by ...
It's not that often we have a hard freeze here in the Daytona Beach area..Maybe a couple times a year in the 5 years (almost to the day) I've lived here.It's even less often one sees snow in the Daytona Beach area.. Yes, you read rightSNOW... Here is my birdbath this morning, I went and had a loo...
The now famous Northern Right Whale fondly called Arpeggio and her calf are still hanging out near St. Augustine and Matanzas Inlet. Friday, December 28th was a beautiful day, and apparently there were a lot of boats out taking advantage of the weather near St. Augustine Inlet. When the mother an...

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