bikes and blues: Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones 2008! - 12/28/07 02:32 AM
Way back in September I wrote Bikers Descend Onto Pelican Bay, the post was about how we were filming a commercial for our Annual Bikes and Blues Bike and Golf Event for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
We got the first DVD in October, however we had to add a little something else to it so we sent it back to Mickey Jones and he added Big Mike Griffin's awesome "biker blues" as background music, along with Mickey singing his signature song, Double Bogey Blues from the movie Tin Cup. Once we got the DVD back, we had to figure out how to get … (13 comments)

bikes and blues: Mickey Jones Bikes And Blues Committee For St. Jude Writes The Offical Check! - 06/10/07 01:11 AM
Did you think we were on vacation from our St. Jude Fund Raising? Nope! We've already begun meetings for next years events! We need more sponsors and more ideas. We won't get that by taking time off. 
We did run into a snag with one vendor and had to wait to get our money back from the vendor before signing the official check to St. Jude. This is why it has taken so long for me to bring the official total to you.
Before I tell you just how much the check was that we sent in to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from … (13 comments)

bikes and blues: Photos from The Mickey Jones Golf Classic for St Jude - 04/29/07 01:04 AM
I didn't forget! Really! Just so much going on since our events that I've only had time to post a few things. TodayI'm going to pick up all the photo cds to look through them and see the shots our volunteer photographers took, then shoot the cd's up to our St. Jude rep so she can put them on a website. (There are 6 of them I'm sure) I took 700 photos this weekend, just imagine how many our volunteers took!
I can't give you any stats from the Golf Classic, I have no clue who one. I do know one guy, about 25 … (6 comments)

bikes and blues: Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital Part 2 - 04/24/07 04:10 AM
Ok, I know you've been waiting for part 2 for days now. I'm sorry it took me this long to get it out to you but I had out of town guests this weekend! No, really, I did!
Here is the link to Part 1 Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital just in case you missed it. I told you about everything before the ride.
I couldn't take very good photo's during the ride, holding a camera steady on the back of a 1982 Harley Davidson Shovel Head is next to impossible, I did … (18 comments)

bikes and blues: Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital - 04/20/07 06:57 AM
You've waited a long time for this one haven't you? You want to know how many bikes were on the ride, how much money did we raise, how did everything go?
It was a beautiful day, no threat of rain, nice and warm, perfect for our Bike Parade. I took over 360 photos this day, but I couldn't manage a good shot from the back of our 82 Shovel-head, of the actual ride.. HOWEVER! I did hook up with a photography club and they were placed thru-out the parade route with still and video cameras, when I get some of … (13 comments)

bikes and blues: Bikes and Blues With Mickey Jones, The VIP Party - 04/19/07 11:22 AM
Our Bikes and Blues VIP Party was held so that we could thank our sponsors personally, treat them to dinner and drink and meet our new St. Jude Representatives Virgina and Ginnywho brought DVD's on St. Jude to teach us just a little bit more about that fabulous hospital.
The party was held at the Plaza in Daytona Beach run by our generous sponsors Bray & Gillespie & Ocean Waters, our dinner was supplied by Armando at Cancun Lagoon, Budweiser and Coca Cola supplied the drinks and our Bikes and Blues Committee members brought desert!
We watched the DVDs, "My Hospital" and one from Marlo … (7 comments)

bikes and blues: Bikes and Blues With Mickey Jones, The Radio Interview - 04/18/07 11:35 AM
I know you all are anxious to hear how everything went last weekend, I'm sorry it took so long to tell you about it. Once the events were over I had to go back to work as usual, but work wasn't usual! I've been busy! That's a good thing too...
Friday began with Mickey Jones and Bubba Baker being interviewed at 95.7 WHOG the Hog along with Reuben The Lounge Lizard, a local guitarist. I had never been in a radio studio before so I was looking forward to seeing how things worked there.
Mickey and Bubba chatting before going on air.
It … (6 comments)

bikes and blues: Don't Forget To Listen To Your Computer Radio For Mickey Jones Tomorrow! - 04/12/07 04:27 AM
Well Friends the Big Weekend is almost here! Bikes and Blues with Mickey Jones on Saturday and The Mickey Jones Golf Classic on Sunday. Both will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis TN.
Mickey arrived Tuesday evening and joined our committee for our final meeting at Cancun Lagoon. He told us that he liked how we've banded together for a commen cause, fighting childhood cancer.
Last night I met Mickey at the Iron Horse Saloon where he sat with the regulars joking around, telling stories and playing horseshoes. I believe he and his partner won 2 out of 3 … (7 comments)

bikes and blues: Local Developer Supports St. Jude Events in Ormond Beach - 03/15/07 07:32 AM
Isn't it funny how things turn out sometimes? I've been posting about the events I am working on for St. Jude, but I haven't told you anything from behind the scenes.
The funny thing about all this is I didn't realize how Real Estate oriented our events have become. One of our committee members, Marvin Miller owns and operates his own Real Estate office, Miller Real Estate And Associates. Now, just last week, Marvin came through with a sponsorship check for The Mickey Jones Celebrity Golf Classic from Bray & Gillespie, who in 2004 formed Ocean Waters Development LLC to specialize in special … (7 comments)

bikes and blues: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Needs Florida Bikers! - 03/09/07 01:13 AM
Bikes and Blues With Mickey Jones in 2007 promises to be a great time for all!
Come on and join us for a nice ride, some good food, good music and good friends. I promise that you will not leave disappointed! There is no better feeling in the world then being in the middle of a gathering like this. We're not talking a poker run here, this is a non stop~escorted ride, <yep, that means running all the red lights and stop signs> so matter where you are in the "parade of bikes" it is the most awesome … (2 comments)




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