daytona beach: Rare Birds Return To Put Breaks On Beach Driving In Daytona Again! - 07/22/08 04:18 AM
A year ago, August of 2007 I told you about how these 3 rare birds had captured the hearts of people around Daytona Beach and managed to block off the beach to cars in my post: Rare Birds Put The Breaks On Beach Driving In Daytona
That post remained on the first page of Florida Information, Volusia County Information and Daytona Beach, FL Information until just recently. You all loved it that much!
Just recently Mom and Dad returned to Daytona Beach, they must love our hospitality! My hairdresser spotted them in the exact same spot they were at last … (8 comments)

daytona beach: Baby, It's Cold Outside! Cold Enough For... - 01/03/08 12:56 AM
It's not that often we have a hard freeze here in the Daytona Beach area..
Maybe a couple times a year in the 5 years (almost to the day) I've lived here.
It's even less often one sees snow in the Daytona Beach area..
Yes, you read right
Here is my birdbath this morning, I went and had a look while I was waiting for my car to warm up. (I don't think I've warmed up my car since leaving Upstate NY!)
See the small white things on top of my frozen solid birdbath? That is Florida Snow!
Granted this is nothing, a couple … (24 comments)

daytona beach: The 50th Gaslight Parade & Block Party In Ormond Beach (Edited) - 11/23/07 02:26 AM
This years parade will be honoring the Ford Model T owned by John White.
Mr. White brought this same car to the very first show 50 years ago and will be bringing it back this year!
The Gaslight Parade begins at 7:00PM and leaves from the Casements (former home of John Rockefeller) on Granada Blvd. travels east to A1A then heads south on A1A to Harvard Drive where it then turns right onto Riverside Drive to head back north to the Casements for the Block Party.
There are a few simple rules to follow if you want to bring your classic car and participate in the parade..
The … (12 comments)

daytona beach: The Classics Are Back In Town! - 11/21/07 02:45 AM
Yesterday I told you about our Annual Turkey Run, it is actually our 34th Annual Turkey Run. This event is so popular that people come in from around the world to see the cars that come to Daytona Beach during Thanksgiving Weekend.
If you don't want to go to the speedway to view the cars there are other places to go. I go to the Bellair Shopping Plaza for a couple reasons. My main reason? It's closer to home. Reason 2? It's a smaller type venue (even though it is not an organized event). Reason 3? The cars are are all … (9 comments)

daytona beach: I Don't Like Spiders And Snakes... - 09/14/07 04:28 AM
I just don't like spiders, snakes aren't all that bad...
Only 6 out of our 44 Florida snakes are venomous! These snakes are the eastern coral, the southern copperhead, the cottonmouth, and 3 species of rattlesnake; eastern diamondback, timber and the dusky pygmy rattler.
If you see one of these mentioned, no not approach them, back away slowly. If you find them in a home or building call your local animal control and have the experts come and remove them. (In my 4.5 yrs in FL I've never seen any rattle snakes, however that doesn't mean they aren't right next … (36 comments)

daytona beach: Bikers Descend Onto Pelican Bay - 09/13/07 03:42 AM

On Saturday, September 8th the residents of Pelican Bay, a gated "golf community" here in Daytona had their quiet lifestyle interrupted for a couple hours by the thunder of around 50 bikers and their machines.
They were riding up and down Pelican Bay Drive and in and out of the Pelican Bay Country Club, side by side on their shinning machines, but no one told the residents why their otherwise quiet lifestyle was being so noisily interrupted! Yes, Steve and I were among them.  

We were filming a … (12 comments)

daytona beach: Century 21 House Of Realty Goes Above And Beyond... - 08/22/07 05:10 AM

To help someone all alone in a strange town and a strange situation.
I wrote about this orginally in my post Working Across The Miles To Help One In Need.
Our (Century 21 Sundance) customer Miss E. was traveling alone from Missouri to Florida to move into her newly purchased home and along the way she was involved in a single car roll-over accident in which her car caught on fire. A good Samaritan saw the accident and cut her out of her seat belt, pulled her from her wreck and called 911.
Miss E's cell phone was burned along with her … (14 comments)

daytona beach: Rare Birds Put The Breaks On Beach Driving In Daytona - 08/15/07 03:41 AM

A big tourist draw for Daytona Beach is the fact that people can drive their cars on the beach, just park right where they want to & hang out for the day.
You don't have to fight for parking in a parking lot then lug your cooler, blankets, chairs and surfboards or other toys from the parking lot to the beach, it's all right there for you.
Recently, some rare visitors decided to visit Daytona Beach. Then they had their baby here and put a small damper on the beach driving for about a quarter mile of the beach. 
They are … (30 comments)

daytona beach: My 4th Of July Forida Burn Ban & Wildfire Updates & Safety Tips - 06/30/07 06:09 AM

Where has the year gone?
It seems like Christmas was just last month and now here we are, its almost the Fourth Of July!
I know it seems like the state of Florida has seen a lot of rain during the month of June. The sad fact remains that we are still very dry folks. We need to be very careful while celebrating our Nation's Independence.
I've been contacted a couple times this past week about the Burn Bans around the state. Some have been lifted, some are still in effect. Here are the Florida Counties still under a Burn Ban:
  Baker, Bay, Charlotte, Flagler, Franklin, Glades (partial ban), Gulf, Hernando, Lake, Levy … (12 comments)

daytona beach: Mickey Jones Bikes And Blues Committee For St. Jude Writes The Offical Check! - 06/10/07 01:11 AM
Did you think we were on vacation from our St. Jude Fund Raising? Nope! We've already begun meetings for next years events! We need more sponsors and more ideas. We won't get that by taking time off. 
We did run into a snag with one vendor and had to wait to get our money back from the vendor before signing the official check to St. Jude. This is why it has taken so long for me to bring the official total to you.
Before I tell you just how much the check was that we sent in to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from … (13 comments)

daytona beach: Egyptian Geese In Daytona Beach? - 06/09/07 01:36 AM
I went out to feed the Pelican Bay critters when I arrived at work on Wednesday and was greeted by an old friend, the Great Blue Heron.
She looked a bit frazzled and hungry. She nailed two fish rather quickly, but my camera was in the office.

I looked across the water and saw two ducks swimming my way, at first I thought they were young Muscovy's, but as they got closer I realized they were too pretty.
They came right out of the water, walked around me, then stood behind me looking up towards … (47 comments)

daytona beach: The Baby's Have Hatched! - 06/05/07 01:16 PM
On Saturday Cyndee Haydon posted In Clearwater, Florida ~ Who left that Fowl Trail? then I followed her lead with My Photos Of Some Florida Birds, I showed you a photo of a Brown Thrasher nesting. Monday morning I arrived at work to find a young man cutting the hedges, right where the nest was. My heart dropped! He was using good old fashioned manual hedge trimmers but I was panicked. I unlocked the office, dropped my purse, camera and lunch and told him "STOP, there's a nest!" I think I scared him...
I ran to the other side of the bushes where the nest was, … (25 comments)

daytona beach: My Photos Of Some Florida Birds - 06/02/07 04:28 AM
Cyndee Haydon just wrote a great post Who left that Fowl Trail? about our wonderful "Birding Trails" here in Florida. I thought I would follow up on her blog with some photo's I've taken of some of the beautiful birds that you might see when you come to Florida.
Our Century 21 Sundance Daytona office is located just outside the gated golf community of Pelican Bay, which is home to several different species of birds (but no pelicans).
I often take my camera outside when I take a break and go feed the fish and turtles.

This is a pair of … (38 comments)

daytona beach: Florida Wildfires 2007 Update May 20th, 2007 - 05/20/07 02:11 AM

I finally have some good news regarding the major Florida Wildfires I've told you about previously!
Let start with updates:
The Bugaboo Fire is 80% contained!  It is still burning, but it is burning inside of itself and has not jumped the  containment lines. The people who have been evacuated are allowed to go home but are asked to remain "on alert". Officials said they are "in much better shape then they were several days ago." Roads in the area are currently open. The Bugaboo Fire has burned 121,319 acres to date. Lightning was the cause.
The Dairy Road Fire in … (20 comments)

daytona beach: Smoke From A Not So Distant Fire 5/11/2007 Florida Fires 2007 - 05/11/07 08:32 AM
The smoke isn't so bad here in Daytona Beach today. We have what's left of Sub Tropical Storm Andrea of our coast that blew the smoke somewhere else and I thought our Airport Road Fire was out.
                                      NOT SO.                                        
I just finished reading the Daytona News Journal and not only is the Airport Road not out, it has gone from 60% contained to 45% contained in the last day.
On the up side it is smaller, down from 6,800 to 6,100 acres. Some firefighters have also left, their numbers are now 164 down from 190. I hope that means … (10 comments)

daytona beach: Smoke From Distant Fires - 05/09/07 07:25 AM
If you read my post Smoke From A Not So Distant Fire post this week you know all about our (Volusia and Flagler Counties) now named "Airport Fire". I updated that post last night with the following:

daytona beach: Smoke From A Not So Distant Fire Updated 5/8 - 05/07/07 04:52 PM

Fourteen miles from the Century 21 Sundance Pelican Bay office and twelve miles from where Steve and I live there is a wildfire burning on the border of the Volusia and Flagler County lines.
(Graphic courtesy of the Daytona News Journal)
The smoke from the fire can cover our county depending on the wind. On Thursday and Friday it was so thick it burned our eyes, we could smell and taste it fourteen miles away. In the afternoon the seabreeze picked up and blew the smoke away.
Friday afternoon Governor Charlie Christ declared a State of Emergency which allows the National Guard … (57 comments)

daytona beach: Photos from The Mickey Jones Golf Classic for St Jude - 04/29/07 01:04 AM
I didn't forget! Really! Just so much going on since our events that I've only had time to post a few things. TodayI'm going to pick up all the photo cds to look through them and see the shots our volunteer photographers took, then shoot the cd's up to our St. Jude rep so she can put them on a website. (There are 6 of them I'm sure) I took 700 photos this weekend, just imagine how many our volunteers took!
I can't give you any stats from the Golf Classic, I have no clue who one. I do know one guy, about 25 … (6 comments)

daytona beach: Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital Part 2 - 04/24/07 04:10 AM
Ok, I know you've been waiting for part 2 for days now. I'm sorry it took me this long to get it out to you but I had out of town guests this weekend! No, really, I did!
Here is the link to Part 1 Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital just in case you missed it. I told you about everything before the ride.
I couldn't take very good photo's during the ride, holding a camera steady on the back of a 1982 Harley Davidson Shovel Head is next to impossible, I did … (18 comments)

daytona beach: Bikes & Blues With Mickey Jones, The Bike Run for St Jude Hospital - 04/20/07 06:57 AM
You've waited a long time for this one haven't you? You want to know how many bikes were on the ride, how much money did we raise, how did everything go?
It was a beautiful day, no threat of rain, nice and warm, perfect for our Bike Parade. I took over 360 photos this day, but I couldn't manage a good shot from the back of our 82 Shovel-head, of the actual ride.. HOWEVER! I did hook up with a photography club and they were placed thru-out the parade route with still and video cameras, when I get some of … (13 comments)




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