fayetteville: Why should I use a Realtor? - 03/31/13 09:47 AM
Why use a Realtor? There are several reasons you should use a Realtor.
First let me explain  that a real estate agent is not necessarily a Realtor. Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors. This means they are held to a higher standards because of the Code of Ethics that all Realtors must abide by.
A Realtor can often save you time and money! How? Easy, if you are a seller we can guide you through the pricing process and help market your homes. As a buyer, we can help by showing you the homes that are on actively on the … (2 comments)

fayetteville: Looking for something to do in Fayettevile, NC? - 03/30/13 09:26 AM
Looking for something to do in the Fayetteville, NC area? Look no further than downtown. Gregs Art, Pottery, and Gifts is a great place to hang out!
Greg's is a great place to paint your own pottery. They have a great selection. You can paint anything from plates, cups, to piggy banks and more. This past Christmas I actually made a lot of my gifts for friends and family and they loved it.
How it works: you find something you want to paint on their shelves. The price is located on the bottom of the items. This price includes the … (3 comments)

fayetteville: Fayetteville, NC fun facts! - 03/29/13 11:23 AM
Fayetteville, NC has a lot of fun facts that many of our own residents don’t know, so today I thought why not share what I know about our great city!
Fayetteville got its name from the Marquis de Lafayette and Fayetteville is the only city he visited in 1875. In fact the carriage he rode in is on display in one of our local museums.
General Sherman marched in and attacked Fayetteville in March 1865. He destroyed a confederate arsenal that was located in the area as well as the Fayetteville Observer office.
Babe Ruth hit his first … (4 comments)

fayetteville: Do you need to sign a Buyers Agreement? - 03/28/13 10:59 AM
Do you really need to sign a buyers agreement (Buyers Agency)? I would say YES! At least here in the Fayetteville, NC area.
Lets first talk about what it is. This is a contract between you and the agent you are hiring to represent you. Once you sign the contract the agent must then work in your best interests at all times. The agent is not allowed to give any information to other agents or sellers without your permission. This is to protect you! This document also protects the agent as well. This means you will only work with this particular … (3 comments)

fayetteville: I will use my VA benefit why do I have to talk with a mortgage person? - 03/22/13 07:46 AM
I’m going to use my VA benefit, why do I have to talk to a mortgage person?
This is one of the most asked questions here in the Fayetteville/Ft Bragg area so I thought I would help explain the process.
This type of loan is for people who are either currently serving or have served in our military (and National Guard). However, there are still certain requirements to using a VA loan. Just serving does not mean you can use a VA loan to buy a home.
The VA does not actually “give” you the loan. The VA … (7 comments)

fayetteville: Spring is a great time for sellers in Fayetteville! - 03/20/13 08:54 AM
Spring is a great time for sellers in the Fayetteville, NC area. While typically this is a busy time of year for showings and buyers, its also a great time to re-look at your home with a fresh new perspective.
Since we look at our homes each and every day we might not notice things slipping. Here are a few helpful hints (these apply even if you are not selling your home).
Keep your front door area clean! In Fayetteville we are starting to see a lot of pollen which builds up every day. Wipe down the door so buyers see a … (6 comments)

fayetteville: I have orders to Ft. Bragg, when do I start looking for a home? - 03/17/13 12:20 AM
 Orders to Ft. Bragg, when can I start looking for a home?
Congratulations on your orders for Ft. Bragg! We are one of the largest military installations and you will find there is a lot to do here!
Your first step towards buying a home would be to find a Realtor to help you through the process! You should find someone who is familiar with the area and hopefully someone who has some experience in dealing with the military so they know some of the challenges you might face during your move.
Once you find an agent they will start you on a path … (6 comments)

fayetteville: Spring is here in Fayetteville, NC! - 03/16/13 09:54 AM
Spring has sprung in Fayetteville, North Carolina! While the calender doesn't have it happening officially for few more days you can certainly tell its here in other ways. The trees are blooming, the crocus and daffodils are in bloom, other flowers are starting to pop their heads up above the ground. The birds are more chipper than usual and are out singing their songs. It stays light later in the evenings.
Another sign is all the activity with real estate. The last couple of weeks have had an increase in activity from more showings, more buyers, and more contracts.
This is very … (0 comments)

fayetteville: Are you looking for a steal, a deal, or a home in Fayetteville, NC? - 03/15/13 10:14 AM
Are you looking for a steal, a deal or a home in Fayetteville, NC?
I have recently written contracts for several different clients and all three have had different agendas.
One client was looking for a steal...after several weeks he realized the kind of steal he was looking for is not out there. (or if it is he is not going to wait for it). He chose to go with a home that he feels like he is getting a deal on and is happy.
My 2nd buyer was looking for a deal on a home. He had several things he … (0 comments)

fayetteville: State of the Market in Fayetteville, NC - 01/19/11 12:42 PM
Fayetteville, NC State of the Real Estate Market Here in Fayetteville, NC I am asked by buyers and sellers alike..."how is the real estate market"?  After I determine why they are asking I go on to tell them our area has not been hit like other areas.  We are still doing plenty of real estate here locally.  We are fortunate to have Ft. Bragg and Pope Air Base which helps with the constant movement of homes in our area.  Thanks to yesterdays State of the Real Estate Market summit, I now have facts to back this up! In the last 10 … (5 comments)

fayetteville: Things to do in Decemeber - 12/07/10 07:45 AM
I keep hearing that here in Fayetteville, NC, there is nothing to do.  Well let me just say you (whoever thinks or says this) couldn't be more wrong.  There is plenty of activities in our area...but sometimes you just might not hear about them all.  Well in order to make life a little easier in this busy month, I have compiled a few things things to see or do throughout December here in the Fayetteville area.
1. Watch the Firentz,(the Fayetteville, NC professional hockey team) they have a total of 5 home games remaining in December.
2. Go see A Christmas Carol at the … (3 comments)

fayetteville: Surround yourself w/great people and you look great! - 12/06/10 02:12 PM
I am very lucky person...and I know it!  Today was just another reminder of how when you surround yourself with good people, good things will happen.
My morning started off when I had to make a call that I wasn't really looking forward to.  A co-worker listened to me and all my reasons to not call and then told me "go make the call, you'll be glad you did".  Of course, she was right! (
A little later a good friend called and asked me for a recommendation for a great property manager here in Fayetteville, NC.  You know it, I happen … (9 comments)

fayetteville: Caravan and why I think its a good thing - 12/01/10 11:07 PM
Keller Williams Fayetteville, NC does Caravan.  We go directly after sales meetings.  Yes, it makes for a long morning...however there are benefits in going.   I do not miss Caravan unless I am with clients.  I feel its that important to my business.  I learn values, (yesterday we saw two homes that were close in price yet were very different in size & area), learn the different school system boundaries (two homes close but two different high schools), learn the area and shortcuts, and one of the most important things is hanging out with other Realtors for a while!  There were 4 agents in our … (9 comments)

fayetteville: Fayetteville, NC Statistics - 11/04/10 04:27 AM
In the Fayetteville, NC market report, Jan 2010 through Sept. 2010 there were a total of 4275 homes that have sold so far!  2507 (or 58.64%) of the homes sold using VA loans, 608 (or 14.22%) homes sold using Conventional loans, 562 (or 13.15%) homes sold using FHA loans, and 550 (or 12.87%) homes sold using Cash.  There were 27 homes (or .63%) homes sold using Other loans, and this can include FHA 203K and USDA home loans and 11 (or .26%) homes sold using the FMHA financing.
This is something to keep in mind when placing your home for sale.  … (0 comments)

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