blogging: New Site: Olive Chapel Park - 05/27/10 06:52 AM

Apex. NC – This is another website project from our friends at LiveOak Homes. Olive Chapel Park is a new neighborhood off Highway 55 just north of the center of town.
Something Different
We took a non-traditional approach for this site, avoiding the usual MLS hassle and building the entire site with WordPress. We made ‘posts’ for each property in the development and took unique pictures in each home.
Goodtree & Co. also adapted the WordPress theme (code and design) and did all the copywriting and photography.
Something Extra
In addition to satisfying all the needs of search, we were … (2 comments)

blogging: Web Trend for 2010: Blog Sites - 01/18/10 03:37 AM
Cary, NC – We try to overhaul our website once a year. Wipe the slate clean a tell our story without any preconceptions. This year, we decided to go with a blog site, a CMS powered by WordPress.
The advantages are easy to enumerate:
Low cost set-up Easy to maintain Professional look out of the box Well-connected to search Here’s a little more detail in case your business is thinking about a new site in 2010.
CMS stands for Content Management System. It allows users to add content with little or no programming skills. Need to change a … (4 comments)

blogging: Intro to Video Blogging - 06/15/09 04:29 AM
Summary of my presentation on videoblogging at WordCampRDU this weekend at NCCU.
The most basic question about video blogging might be: how do I get my video content into my blog? We recommend:
Video   —>   YouTube —>  WordPress
Upload your video to YouTube, grab the embed code and paste it into your blog. Make sure you paste it in “HTML” view in your WP blog.
Why not upload your video directly to WP?The answer is Search.
Search engines, and Google in particular, love video content. It is often returned above websites in a search result. … (6 comments)

blogging: WordCamp RDU This Saturday, 6/13 - 06/09/09 01:21 AM
Sharpen your blogging skills and rub shoulders with the Triangle's social media elite. Sign up now for WordCampRDU, this Saturday 6/13 at NCCU in Durham. $25 in advance - no tickets sold at the door. Beginner and Advanced tracks. Keynote speaker is Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress.
Stimulate your mind and find out how to get more from the valuable time you spend blogging. Sign up for WordCampRDU right now.

blogging: WordCamp RDU - 05/19/09 07:04 AM
Attention all bloggers: WordCamp is coming to the Triangle. Sharpen your blogging skills and meet other members of the NC business community at this all day event at NCCU in Durham on Saturday, June 13, 2009.
Beginning and advanced seminars cover topics including:
Building a successful blog Search Engine Optimization Social Marketing Keynote speaker is Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress.
Tickets are going fast. Make your reservation now.

blogging: The 3 Pillars of SEO - 05/13/09 02:50 AM
Andrew Miller of made a fantastic presentation at WordCamp in Richmond last week.  Here’s a summary of Andrew’s best practices for optimizing search.
Reassuringly, Andrew pointed out that search engine optimization is:
Not Rocket Science or Voodoo Not Free Traffic Not “Set It and Forget It” Too true. Managing search is like caring for a useful pet, perhaps a sheep dog. You want to herd the audience to your content. Andrew called it a “funnel to capture intent.” His metaphor is probably better.
Many pundits try to explain the quantum mechanics of … (6 comments)

blogging: Blog is a Dirty Word - 01/23/09 02:13 AM
We continue to install WordPress for clients at an ever increasing pace. But we stopped calling it a Blog.
Sure, the blogosphere gets bigger every year. The pool of experts continues to expand (you know you’re one if you read ProBlogger). But even more key, the pool of non-experts is really taking off.
Two things are widening the audience for blogs:
Better options for integrating blogs into web pages and social sites “Subscribe by email” Better Options
Back in the day (last year), you could re-publish your blog as html, allowing you to place it on a web page. Now, … (3 comments)

blogging: Facebook: Re-blogged - 11/24/08 12:18 AM
More evidence that FB is the topic du jour.  My tutorial about advertsiing on Facebook was reblogged here -
Thanks to Mike Jaquish for the heads up.
Off-topic: I'm not so sure about the AR policy of penalizing points for posts under 50 words. I think the opposite might be a better strategy ;)
I guess I'll just prattle on for a bit so the robots know for sure that I'm firing up a quality post. There, that should do it.

blogging: Blog Design - Get a New Theme - 07/29/08 08:42 AM
No true blogger is satisfied with a generic theme design. Here's how you can re-theme your blog in 4 easy steps.
A theme is the design of your blog - colors, fonts, layout, etc. All blogs have a "default" theme. For WordPress, it looks like this:

Whatever blog engine you use, there's a community of developers offering free or low cost themes. For WordPress, you can search over 1,000 themes with the WP Theme Viewer.
For Realtor® Mike Jaquish, we downloaded a theme called Tarski.

Tarski is an elegant, bullet-proof theme … (0 comments)

blogging: LED Lighting for Video - 04/25/08 01:55 AM
What generates 500 watts of light but only draws 40 from an household outlet?
The Complete History of Lighting (Abbreviated)
Back in the day, “hot” lights were the norm. Incandescent, HMI, tungsten - they could light up a room like the sun. Generate about as much heat, too.
Smaller hot lights could be plugged into the wall, but larger instruments need special outlets. On location, that meant an electrician and tying into the power box.
Then, fluorescent lights for film and video came along. Banks of tubes started popping up on locations everywhere - lightweight, low power draw from any … (5 comments)

blogging: The Best Camera for Video Blogging - 04/23/08 12:32 PM
We recently needed a new camera for video blogging. Thought we’d share the results of our research. The first thing to consider is features – what do you need for video blogging and what’s extraneous?
From our point of view, two features are paramount:
Digital connectivityMicrophone Input By digital connectivity, we mean the ability to connect the camera directly to your computer. Generally speaking, Firewire or USB 2.0 are the standards. These come in a variety of flavors (4 pin to 6 pin for example) but all are pretty much equally effective. The key here is to make sure your … (9 comments)

blogging: 4 Top Rules for Blog Headlines - 04/21/08 07:16 AM
Every post needs to start with a catchy headline. More than anything else, a headline determines whether or not a viewer will read your post. Here are the Top 4 Rules for writing blog headlines:
1. Be clear (not cute or obscure)
Generally, we’re talking about a noun, in this case “headlines.” An example of a far weaker headline would be “Top 4 Ingredients in My Secret Sauce.”
2. Use a question
Every headline can’t employ every rhetorical device, but a viable option in this case might have been “Want to Write Better Headlines?”
3. Numbers create interest
Tried and true attention-getter. Works in … (10 comments)

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