tips: Intro to Video Blogging - 06/15/09 04:29 AM
Summary of my presentation on videoblogging at WordCampRDU this weekend at NCCU.
The most basic question about video blogging might be: how do I get my video content into my blog? We recommend:
Video   —>   YouTube —>  WordPress
Upload your video to YouTube, grab the embed code and paste it into your blog. Make sure you paste it in “HTML” view in your WP blog.
Why not upload your video directly to WP?The answer is Search.
Search engines, and Google in particular, love video content. It is often returned above websites in a search result. … (6 comments)

tips: Social Networks: the Big Three for Business - 09/09/08 12:23 AM
There are thousands of social portals on the internet, from massively mainstream to fantastically fringe. But lately, three social networks have emerged as must-haves for business people in a Web 2.0 world.
From start-ups to superstars in five years, social networking on the internet has swept across the planet, embracing the youngest users (teens) and washing upward like a tide. The tide has finally reached the baby boomers.
Last year, adults started watching YouTube in large numbers. This year, Facebook has surged since it opened it’s ranks to everyone. And Linked In, which was always about business, has added some significant … (1 comments)

tips: Blog Design - Get a New Theme - 07/29/08 08:42 AM
No true blogger is satisfied with a generic theme design. Here's how you can re-theme your blog in 4 easy steps.
A theme is the design of your blog - colors, fonts, layout, etc. All blogs have a "default" theme. For WordPress, it looks like this:

Whatever blog engine you use, there's a community of developers offering free or low cost themes. For WordPress, you can search over 1,000 themes with the WP Theme Viewer.
For Realtor® Mike Jaquish, we downloaded a theme called Tarski.

Tarski is an elegant, bullet-proof theme … (0 comments)

tips: What's a Landing Page? - 05/14/08 05:06 AM
Landing pages are mini-sites built around a specific search keyword or CPC campaign.
Here’s how a landing page works: let’s say you have a potentially lucrative niche product or service. You create a Google AdWords campaign to address your audience. Then you design a web page to turn your audience into buyers.
The following example is about healthcare but it applies equally well to real estate:
Southern Vascular Institute in Greenville, SC has a niche service they’d like to promote - they can treat uterine fibroids without traditional surgery.
Treatment of fibroids is a great example of a niche category. It’s … (4 comments)

tips: The Best Camera for Video Blogging - 04/23/08 12:32 PM
We recently needed a new camera for video blogging. Thought we’d share the results of our research. The first thing to consider is features – what do you need for video blogging and what’s extraneous?
From our point of view, two features are paramount:
Digital connectivityMicrophone Input By digital connectivity, we mean the ability to connect the camera directly to your computer. Generally speaking, Firewire or USB 2.0 are the standards. These come in a variety of flavors (4 pin to 6 pin for example) but all are pretty much equally effective. The key here is to make sure your … (9 comments)

tips: Check Your Website's SEO Score - 04/22/08 03:21 AM
We love this handy online tool from SEO Workers for scoring search engine optimization on your website.
It's easy - just plug in the url (web address) of your site, answer the silly question to prove you are a human and click on submit. In the blink of an eye, the SEO Analyzer will show you a score for your page. Here's what it looks like (your results may vary):
Try it for yourself with one of your web pages: SEO Analyzer.

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