video: Video 53 Times More Effective Than Traditional SEO - 05/17/10 04:00 AM

Cary, NC – Three years ago, I inadvertently discovered that video can jump a client to the top of search in a crowded infospace. Now, RISMedia has put a number on the advantage: 53 times more effective than traditional SEO.
The Facts
According to RISMedia:
“Recent studies have shown that when done correctly, videos with proper tags are up to 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking when compared with traditional SEO techniques. Studies also demonstrate that video is preferred over text by a 6 to 1 margin and is growing online at a rate of … (7 comments)

video: Intro to Video Blogging - 06/15/09 04:29 AM
Summary of my presentation on videoblogging at WordCampRDU this weekend at NCCU.
The most basic question about video blogging might be: how do I get my video content into my blog? We recommend:
Video   —>   YouTube —>  WordPress
Upload your video to YouTube, grab the embed code and paste it into your blog. Make sure you paste it in “HTML” view in your WP blog.
Why not upload your video directly to WP?The answer is Search.
Search engines, and Google in particular, love video content. It is often returned above websites in a search result. … (6 comments)

video: J. Alane's Fine Lingerie - 05/19/09 06:44 AM
Here's another example of producing broadcast-type work with a home video camera. This is a cable spot for J. Alane's Fine Lingerie in North Hills. Shot entirely on my Canon 800 mini DV camera and edited on my laptop. We even composed the music in Garage Band.
Video is truly the most powerful of marketing tools. And it has become more affordable than ever. Contact us if you have a great television idea for your brand.

video: No-Budget Video - 03/19/09 03:14 AM
We released this video for Luxe Apothecary about 2 weeks ago and it has been generating considerable buzz.
And while the secret to creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows is interesting, the technique we used to make no-budget video look like broadcast TV is even more interesting and relevant to real estate.
Rule #1 of No-Budget Video You don't need a crew and a lot of fancy gear to make quality web video. Here is the single most important technique: Edit video and sound separately
Lots of inexpensive desktop editing programs provide this capability. For the Mac, we like Final Cut. … (9 comments)

video: LED Lighting for Video - 04/25/08 01:55 AM
What generates 500 watts of light but only draws 40 from an household outlet?
The Complete History of Lighting (Abbreviated)
Back in the day, “hot” lights were the norm. Incandescent, HMI, tungsten - they could light up a room like the sun. Generate about as much heat, too.
Smaller hot lights could be plugged into the wall, but larger instruments need special outlets. On location, that meant an electrician and tying into the power box.
Then, fluorescent lights for film and video came along. Banks of tubes started popping up on locations everywhere - lightweight, low power draw from any … (5 comments)

video: The Best Camera for Video Blogging - 04/23/08 12:32 PM
We recently needed a new camera for video blogging. Thought we’d share the results of our research. The first thing to consider is features – what do you need for video blogging and what’s extraneous?
From our point of view, two features are paramount:
Digital connectivityMicrophone Input By digital connectivity, we mean the ability to connect the camera directly to your computer. Generally speaking, Firewire or USB 2.0 are the standards. These come in a variety of flavors (4 pin to 6 pin for example) but all are pretty much equally effective. The key here is to make sure your … (9 comments)

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