florida: Twilight from the plane - 01/19/09 05:39 AM
While returning from my vacation, I took this photo.  The sun had just set, and twilight was just kicking in.
I noticed the moon and a bright star below it.  Oh, if only I had a better camera.  The big circle below the moon is a reflection of my camera agains the airplane window.
Sadly, the moon and star were much large and brighter than they appear in this photo.  

Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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florida: Summer Peonies - 10/07/08 11:48 AM
Back in New York, I had a summer home with a beautiful summer garden.  I used to love to putter around in it. It always gave me such joy.  After selling the winter home and moving to Florida, I used to really enjoy going up north for the summers.  I would spend 2 - 3 months there depending on the weather.  I recently came across a couple pictures of some peonies that bloomed for me. Oh, I sure do miss puttering around in that garden.  


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