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The Hallmark Abstract Sentinel is written for the purpose of keeping our clients and subscribers current on any issues that may have the potential to impact the real estate, mortgage or title insurance markets. Examples of these issues include the current foreclosure crisis and the potential that foreclosures already completed could be overturned due to a variety of legal issues.



My firm, Commercial Capital Alliance, is a direct commercial mortgage lender.  We run a one day seminar on the entire commercial mortgage loan process including analysis of a scenario, choosing the proper lender, preparing the loan package, the underwriting process, sales and more.We have filmed ...
What happens when commercial mortgage lending underwriting guidelines tighten?As a lender on some deals, and broker on others, I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to the ever changing world of underwriting guidelines.In today's environment, even income producing properties and th...
Increrasing your business in the commercial mortgage market:If you are interested in expanding your business to include more that the residential mortgage market, the commercial mortgage market presents great opportunity. The first step in beginning the loan submission process when working on a c...
In the past few blogs that I have posted, some of the criteria and analysis that go into the determination of the viability of a commercial mortgage loan have been discussed.  We have looked at how we get to a building's net operating income or NOI.  This is key, because it tells us how much, aft...
When initially speaking with your potential borrower on a commercial mortgage deal, the first goal should be to determine if you feel that the property and the scenario presented are viable for funding.  As discussed in previous blogs, there are only so many hours in the day, and none should be w...
 Capitalization Rate In my blog yesterday, we looked at the term NOI or net operating income.  This is the building block that will allow us to analyze a loan scenario for viability. The next item that we will use in the process of analyzing a commercial mortgage loan, is a term that you probably...
In my previous blog we touched on the basic criteria that make a commercial mortgage loan a much different animal from a residential mortgage loan.  In a nutshell, it is the fact that whatever loan amount is desired for an income producing property must be supported by the income that the given b...
  Step 1: An OverviewAs a brief introduction to my firm and the business that we are involved in, Commercial Capital Alliance is a commercial mortgage lender and broker in business for over 16 years.  Over that period of time we have seen basically every type of commercial mortgage deal out there...
  If you are a residential mortgage broker, residential property broker or investor who wants to learn how to analyze a commercial property for funding viability, please join us for 1 hour tele-seminar designed to teach you how!   FREE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE BASICS TELE-SEMINARAugust 15, 2007 AT 1:0...
If you are a mortgage broker, property broker, real estate attorney or anyone else with in interest in the real estate market, seeking and participating in education that is offered is imperative.  As a commercial mortgage lender in business for over 16 years, we learned a long time ago that ther...

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