short sal: Rippon Landing, Woodbridge MLS is a Network at Your Disposal - 06/05/13 12:56 AM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
If you are selling a home in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge this year, even in the improving market you certainly know there is a great deal more to it than sticking a sign in your front yard. It will be a competition between like-minded homeowners — some with very competitive properties to offer. This is where the help of a trained professional and the network that is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can make all the difference.
You’ve probably worked with it before: the MLS is a central online database hub … (0 comments)

short sal: Rising Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Home Prices Needn’t Cause Sleepless Nights - 06/04/13 12:40 AM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
As home prices continue to rise throughout most of the nation, sooner or later people begin to wonder whether we’ve crossed the threshold dividing undervalued from overvalued. Pundit shorthand for “overvalued” has gradually become almost synonymous with the far more fear-inducing term, “Bubble.” As with the chewing gum and soap-blowing varieties, the term can’t help but conjure up visions of the associated “Pop!”
Just worrying that we are in a home pricing bubble can cause sleepless nights and worse —  financial paralysis. As home prices in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge … (0 comments)

short sal: Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Home Sale Success in Kid-Infested Digs - 05/22/13 11:46 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
When it comes to a home sale in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge, adults automatically appreciate the importance of presenting a pristine property to potential buyers.
Kids, on the other hand, would like a glass of apple juice, please.
Parents are forever juggling their other adult responsibilities with the needs of the children, so when you add home sale showings to the list, it might seem to make for a stressful situation. But a home sale doesn’t need to be disruptive — after all, it’s just one more ball in … (0 comments)

short sal: REO Buyers Bring Disclosure Awareness To the Table - 05/21/13 11:53 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
Rippon Landing, Woodbridge REO bargains can’t help but catch your eye when you’re searching through the latest residential offerings. Whether you are a future homeowner or an investor looking for an opportunity that makes financial sense, bargain basement prices are hard to skip past.
Rippon Landing, Woodbridge REO homes (the “REO” is Real Estate Owned, meaning bank-owned)are still being offered at relatively low prices — sometimes, remarkably low prices. But like skilled investors in any realm, successful REO buyers make sure they know why those prices are where they … (0 comments)

short sal: Credit Score Knowledge Eases Getting a Loan - 05/20/13 11:46 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
Whether Rippon Landing, Woodbridge residents are looking for a home equity line of credit, a refi, or a new mortgage, when it comes to getting a loan, everyone knows that it’s the credit score that ultimately determines the outcome. Yet when it comes to a working knowledge of what major factors affect your score, a new survey shows that many of us are less certain than we should be.
The Consumer Federation of America is a nonprofit outfit that from time to time releases reports designed to improve that … (0 comments)

short sal: Pre-Inspected Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Listings Help Save Time, Money - 05/16/13 01:01 AM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
If you are readying your home for sale this spring or summer, one of my favorite tactics to set your property apart from other Rippon Landing, Woodbridge listings is to order a pre-inspection. If you’re not familiar with the term, a pre-inspection is a less detailed, less expensive visual inspection designed to report major conditions certain to be noted in the final. Why add this extra expense? Won’t buyers ultimately get their own inspection?
Yes, they will. But the purpose is not to replace a final inspection — it’s … (0 comments)

short sal: Second Home Buyers Consider Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Property Managers - 05/16/13 12:26 AM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
You are buying a second home: this will be more than a sizeable investment — by any measure, it’s a considerable personal achievement as well.
That second home may be a family retreat, a vacation property you will be renting out (at least part time); or a pure income-producing renztal. When a realistic appraisal says that you won’t be able to devote much time and attention to your new holding, the way to fill that gap is to locate an experienced Rippon Landing, Woodbridge property manager.
As you … (0 comments)

short sal: Knowing When You’re Ready to Join Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Homeowners - 05/13/13 11:48 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
Each day, any number of tenants see the perfect Rippon Landing, Woodbridge house for sale, yet fail to go ahead and investigate further. Making the move from tenant to homeowner is, after all, one of life’s major decisions — so no matter how perfect such a find might be, making the leap can seem daunting. 
According to the Rental Protection Agency, by last week there were more than 107,000,000 renters in the US — a number that increases by 2,600 a day. In other words, if you are a … (0 comments)

short sal: Three Questions to Ask New Neighbors When Relocating - 05/08/13 11:55 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
With more than 43 million people relocating throughout the U.S. every year, you don’t have to wait until you are surrounded by stacks of cartons to realize how important it is to make your next move the right one. If you’re buying a house in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge in the foreseeable future, it’s a particularly valuable idea to take the time to chat with some of your potential new neighbors. And while you’re at it, why not bring up a few relevant questions:
Which schools are best?          
School … (1 comments)

short sal: Retirement Trivia Less Troubling for Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Property Owners - 05/08/13 12:43 AM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
The other day I ran across some eyebrow-raising financial trivia. There’s a takeaway that should be encouraging for everyone who already own property in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge.
The undeniable value of home ownership is pretty clear when you take a look at some of these financial facts — 
According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 56% of workers report that they haven’t even attempted to calculate how much money they will need for a comfortable retirement. That should get them thinking (although it looks like it hasn’t). If the … (0 comments)

short sal: Luxury Listings Make for Puppy Love or The Real Thing - 05/06/13 11:53 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
Ah, spring is truly in the air…the traditional time when people can fall in love at first sight!
I’ll try not to dampen those springtime spirits too much, but for anyone currently looking into the Rippon Landing, Woodbridge luxury home listings, some advice may be in order:
Online love at first sight is a really bad idea.
Those Rippon Landing, Woodbridge luxury home listings can indeed be truly alluring, and using your computer (or iPad, or smartphone) to winnow through the current crop of terrific Rippon Landing, Woodbridge … (0 comments)

short sal: Mortgage Rates Could Offset Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Housing Price Rises - 05/01/13 11:43 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
When the Wall Street Journal or Forbes run mortgage rate stories as their lead items, those of us who keep an eye on the Rippon Landing, Woodbridge real estate market pay close attention. I frequently share what they say here. But when even the non-financial outlets like USA TODAY and the cable TV news channels give top billing to real estate market news, it’s a real attention-grabber.
That’s what happened Rippon Landing, Woodbridge. USA TODAY’s online headline focused on the 15-year fixed mortgage rate, “at a record low 2.61%.” The … (0 comments)

short sal: Prevent Pet Prison Breaks When Relocating to Rippon Landing, Woodbridge - 04/30/13 11:59 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
Close to 70% of families say they have a dog or a cat in their household. If you are in that sizeable majority and are planning on relocating to Rippon Landing, Woodbridge there are some planning steps you can take to help ease the move for your four-legged family members. 
Since the daily routine is going to be thoroughly undermined, on the day of your move, do as much as is practical to retain a calm atmosphere. If possible, provide a small quiet area where the pets can stay … (1 comments)

short sal: Selecting Your Real Estate Rep is Hands-On Activity - 04/29/13 11:47 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
The Rippon Landing, Woodbridge housing market’s recovery is still establishing itself. It’s not exactly in its infancy, but I would say it has a way to go before we can call it ‘mature.’ The majority of predictions for the rest of 2013 remain widely positive, and the young housing recovery is being strongly supported by continuing low mortgage rates.
This might easily lull prospective home sellers into assuming they will automatically have a simple selling process, but housing upturn or not, it’s no time to go to sleep. In … (0 comments)

short sal: Options for Buying a Home After a Foreclosure Open Up - 04/24/13 11:55 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-6364
Keller Williams Realty
“Time flies when you’re having a good time” we hear. But time can also pass quickly for those who’ve had to go through difficult times.Case in point is a million and a half borrowers who have recently experienced the pain of a foreclosure. That’s the estimated number of those who, by this time next year, will have waited long enough to again become eligible for an FHA loan.
 Anyone interested in buying a Rippon Landing, Woodbridge home after a foreclosure has come through a tough period. The standard waiting … (0 comments)

short sal: “Final & Best” Scenario Can Affect Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Houses for Sale - 04/23/13 11:53 PM
Hamed Gargasht - Gargasht Team (703) 901-636
Keller Williams Realty
Those who have been paying close attention to how the houses for sale in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge have been performing may have observed the results of the dreaded “multiple offer situation.” When a closing price seems to rise unexpectedly, it could be because of something called the “Notice of Best and Final.”  
That notice can be issued by a listing agent as soon as more than one offer is on the table. Experienced real estate agents sometimes choose this strategy to win the best price for their … (0 comments)

short sal: Listing Your Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Home? Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid! - 04/23/13 12:25 AM
Disclosure Signatures Disclosing material facts that might affect your Rippon Landing, Woodbridge property’s value is a fair obligation that’s understood by everyone. Yet properly disclosing all material facts won’t help you at all if an issue comes up later but you can’t prove the disclosure. A good agent will double- and triple-check all the signatures, but at the end of the day, your peaceful sleep at night is only protected when you also take care to keep complete copies of the paperwork with all signatures accounted for.
Earnest Money  Ah — the thrill of getting the first offer! After … (0 comments)

short sal: As Flowers Bloom, Housing Markets Do, Too! - 04/17/13 11:32 PM
Even though the Rippon Landing, Woodbridge housing market looks as certain to rise as the spring shoots, behind that optimism is the perenniel question about whether another “dip” is coming — a lot of which has to do with Wall Street. Remembering how 2008’s economic downturn saw the housing market and stock market take blows pretty much simultaneously, it’s not far-fetched to assume that the two markets always move together. And while some folks are emboldened as stocks soar to record-level heights, for others, the same phenomenon causes altitude sickness. What goes up must…well, you know the rest!
Historically, the … (1 comments)

short sal: Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Property Management Puts You on the Board! - 04/15/13 11:50 PM
According to the latest from the U.S. Census Bureau, renters comprise about 35% of all households. That’s a pretty healthy portion of the nation’s population —  and a pretty encouraging market-share statistic for investors considering Rippon Landing, Woodbridge properties capable of generating income to build long-term wealth. 
More than just an investment, the own-to-rent model is actually a simplified small business. It has a financing part, an accounting part, and (the time-consuming element): a management part. Effective management means dealing with labor (maintenance personnel), customers (the renters), and a Board of Directors (the ownership: in this case, you!). Not a … (0 comments)

short sal: Rippon Landing, Woodbridge Home Listings & the Pool Premium - 04/15/13 09:58 AM
Who isn’t ready for summer? One group that’s clearly already there is this spring’s sellers: everyone whose home listings in Rippon Landing, Woodbridge are already racking up page views. For them and everyone contemplating taking advantage of the busy spring selling season, an interesting fact has come to light. It puts numbers on something that most of us feel intuitively.
It was the Wall Street Journal that recently called attention to it. They uncovered a study from BYU showing that when home listings including swimming pools go into contract in the summer, their selling price is an average 0.22 percentage … (0 comments)

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