I am accused of watching and listening to Fox News too much by some friends. But this is an opinion of a highly trained military mind, one trained especially in recognizing Marxism and it's workings. This Lt. General (Ret.) is a most credible source and was involved in 37 years of defending our n...
I've heard that question a few times and I bet you all have too. Bonnie just picked up this book the other day entitled "23 Questions About Hell" by Bill Wiese. This man had the absolute best answers all backed up with proper scripture we've ever read. The first chapter was named by this question...
I had a meeting this morning where someone was trying to give me advice on how to run our business. I was meeting a vendor and trying to cut back on some expenses. The Spirit took over for me and here's some of what came out... It had my attention as well. Compromise. It demands increase. If you ...
Football is such a nice and lovable sport! The players are all like brothers, giving hugs to one another right in the middle of a play! What a game last night... I could do without the drama, but at least it finally came out on the Green and Gold side for a change. The one thing that makes this ...
OK, I give up with the embed... GodTube's never seem to work, please go to:
Here's how: Fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands... Deuteronomy 28: 1-14. That's it. This is the Old Covenant but is not superceded by the New. It still stands today and still applies. I chose to leave the curses part out... that's just not an option for me anymore. ...
A client whose father started the company he now runs handed this note to me last week. He said his dad gave it to people back in 1977 or so, the last time the real estate market came to a similar slow down. He said he pulled it off the shelf from the last time he used it... sometime during WW2. ...
This old song comes to mind today. It was a great sentiment then and still is. Thank you Burt Bacharach. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and passed a woman wearing a shirt with this saying on it... much larger and bolder than the example I found here... Although I agree with the basic idea,...

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